Letters to the editor Jan. 18, 2020

Thanks for the toys
Dear Editor,
The Community Christmas Toy Store would like to thank all of you for being so generous to the children of Brandon School District this year. Because of you, we were able to help over 225 children at the toy store.
This community, its people, the businesses and the churches have always been very giving and this has enabled us to “make sure that no child is left out at Christmas”. The list is endless of those who donated not only their money but also their time to make the toy store a success. Without all of you, we would never be able to serve this area. We have so many people who drop off gifts that we then are able to give to children that words cannot express our appreciation..
I do want to mention two groups who always have put in hours of labor to make gifts. The first is the Senior Woodworkers who have such talented men who make toys. The second is Mabelena’s. She not only donates all the material but has a group who sew pillow cases for each child. Both groups do wonderful work and greatly appreciated.
Our organization is a 501c3 group which means that all donations are tax deductions. All families who use the toy store must show residency in Brandon School District as well as meet the financial guidelines set by the government.
If you would like to volunteer, donate, or just find out about the organization, please see our web site www.brandonccts.org for more information and feel free to contact us. Our postal address is Box 733 in Ortonville, 48462.
Janet Kurnat, treasurer
Yes on school bond
Dear Editor,
In a couple of months, the residents of our community will have the opportunity to vote. There will be a bond on the ballot for Brandon School District.
This bond will fund several necessary projects which will impact each of the buildings and ALL of our students. Without a doubt, the upgrades and repairs will positively affect our entire community. I am most excited about the renovations that the district plans to complete at Harvey Swanson Elementary School. As a parent of two students at HSE, I know just how outstanding the teachers and staff are at this building. By voting yes, we are allowing these educators and students to have the most effective, efficient, and modern learning environment that they deserve. Combined with the superior level of educators, a safe and secure environment is the foundation for the highest quality education. I am a teacher in a different school district and I choose to send my children to Brandon Schools. I believe in our teachers, enjoy being involved at the school, and want what is in the best interest of the kids.
We are a small town, but a big deal because of our schools. I take pride in my community and want to see the schools remain top-notch for years to come. Join me and your fellow community members and parents in voting YES for Brandon kids.
Hilary Stockoski
(In response to GTFD: Here’s what I think, a letter by Paul Lucas, The Citizen Jan. 4, 2020, page 7)
GTFD judge for yourself
Dear Editor
Let’s provide everyone an opportunity to judge for yourself. If you want to know EXACTLY what the Groveland Township is saying, you have several options,
· Call the Township.
· Go to the Township website and click on the “YouTube” icon on the front page.
· If you have Comcast, go to Channel 10 on the hour between 7-10 a.m. and see the video.
· Go to Facebook at anytime on Groveland Twp. – YouTube and watch the video at your convenience.
It was suggested that I update the Fire Department Building. We have been working on replacing Station 1 for several months. The new building will be paid for by selling the old one with no planned cash outlay from the Township. I am the one who put together the facts that we need to bring our volunteer pay up to the new NOCFA pay rate; as stated in the video.
Again, the Board feels the answer is improved efficiency NOT A TAX INCREASE.

All Fire Departments provide mutual aid, but the study clearly shows we are providing almost 3 times the maximum recommended by Oakland City Medical Control. We are not proposing some outside entity to control us, but considering joining as an equal owner. All of the FACTS we have presented are either from the Township Auditor, our Fire Department Records, or Oakland County Medical Control Records.
Mutual aid is responded to as a requirement, if you have surplus capacity at the time. This gets to the heart of the issue. For the record runs are counted whether they are fire, EMS a fallen tree etc. The fact that we are doing all these extra EMS runs out of Groveland is a big part of the problem. Our service should be matched to our needs not the needs of other communities who are not always willing to cover their own. We do not have “paying contracts” with other communities. Doing excessive EMS runs out of the Township is not covered by the fees for the runs.
The old station is beyond any further refurbishing. It is 60-70 years old with utilities that cannot be cost efficient, and the new building will not cost the tax payers any additional cost beyond the sale of the existing building. I take exception to you suggesting I might have a secret deal. This administration is in its 24th year and there has never been anything suggested or looked at that was in any way out of order.
As far as the supposed recall petition, I never saw anything nor has the Clerk, who would have received it.
It struck me as odd that anyone who feels so afraid of the facts that they would even consider a recall for a Board doing its job to see if there is a more efficient manor to operate the fire service. Those tend to be the actions of people who are afraid of the truth and can not deal with the facts.
Bob DePalma, Groveland Township Supervisor