Letters to the editor Jan. 19

Thank you Goodrich
Dear Editor,
On Dec. 17 a group of citizens stood on the corner of M-15 and Hegel Road, collecting money for the Old Newsboys of Genesee County. For each $20 collected, a child receives a nice age appropriate gift, sweat suit and socks. This organization has been around since 1924 with the motto “Let No Child Be Forgotten” and thanks to all who stopped, donated and receive a soggy newspaper we collected a record breaking $5,330 on that one little corner. As a result of your efforts 266 children will not be forgotten. It always amazes me the number of people who stop and donate who remember ONB providing the only Christmas gifts they received as a child.
The heart of our organization are the volunteers who put hours out in the cold for this cause.
They are Donna, Jackie and Bill Brothers, Larry Shuster, Mel and Sean Trowbridge, John and Jan Fischer, Dave and Jan Swanson, Gloria Carpenter, Jim and Betty Jean Mitchell, Carol Ferguson, Sue Wattle, Dave and Patrick Hoffman, Tracy McArthur, Tim Fizell , Linda Shaw and Don Ernst. Every single year no matter what the weather you all come through for us. Without you this would not happen. God bless you!
To the young lady who brought us hot coffee from McDonalds whoever you are thank-you.
The businesses of Goodrich also support us in a huge way. They are Cranberries, Bull Ring, Johns Steakhouse, Beacon and Bridge, Sunoco gas station and the Goodrich Country Club. Thank you so much.
Hope to see you all next year.
Sincerely, Lynn Hoffman and Mark Trowbridge

Thank you deputies
Dear Editor,
I would like to express my thanks to the Oakland County Sheriff Department for their compassion and professionalism during the recent search and recover of my best friend on Jan. 11 in Brandon Township.
Their response with the K9 unit, volunteers and helicopter during the early morning hours was wonderful. Our community is blessed with their service.
Virginia Christian
(In response to, I hope she’s a brawler, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Jan. 12, page 6)
I’m not surprised
Dear Editor,
Why am I not surprised? Ms. Beltramo is once again ready to step right up and demonstrated for all to see just how classless she truly is. By publicly condoning and at the same time praising the vulgar remarks made by Ms. Talib she aptly shows us all that unacceptable language is “in play” in her seedy little world of her vision for America. That kind of remark is not only unwarranted, but was also offensive, cowardly and inflammatory. In a time where level-headed clear thinking is needed the 17th district gives us this left-wing clueless, loudmouthed nut job.
It was not their finest hour. Even people in her own party condemned her actions. That speaks volumes. Too bad you’ve set your socially acceptable bar so low, but as I said in the beginning I’m really not surprised.
Thank You,
Paul S. Lucas