Letters to the Editor Jan. 23, 2021

(In response to, “COVID vaccine: ‘It’s time to fight back,’” The Citizen, Jan. 16, page 1)
Vaccination concern
Dear Editor,
I totally disagree with Ms. Taylor on mass vaccinations.
This vaccine was rushed to market and not FDA approved, FDA authorized is completely different than FDA approved. It is literally impossible to know the short and long term side effects of the COVID19 vaccine with such minimal testing. The most vulnerable should be vaccinated, statistically their chance of survival is significantly less. But why would the majority of the population take a vaccine to fight a virus has a fatality rate is 0.0012%?
In my opinion, this is a result of people being forced into believing this virus is worst than statistics prove that it is. In my opinion everyone should give serious thought before they get this vaccination. David Saroli

(In response to, Wreaths Across America, The Citizen, Dec. 10.
Veterans honored
Dear Editor,
Due to the coronavirus, the annual Wreaths Across America event, which honors veterans’ nationwide during the holiday season, had to change.
Even with the extensive changes, there were still more than 8,000 wreaths placed on veterans graves at the Great Lakes National Cemetery out of the 48,666 that are buried there.
Cemetery officials were very pleased with how smooth everything went and will consider using the same protocol for the future. Dennis Hoffman, Ortonville VFW

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