Letters to the editor Jan. 27

Residents not represented
Dear Editor,
The Village Council has introduced an ordinance that makes it close to impossible to raise chickens in the Village of Ortonville. (5-1 vote; Council member Brice voted no). If this ordinance passes, most of us who own chickens would have to give up raising them. The coop has to be 100 feet from your dwelling, you have to ask your neighbors for permission to raise chickens, (but not anything else that you do lawfully on your own property), they want to charge for an annual permit fee (that is not needed for any other animal that you own), only allowing 4 chickens per household (great for beginners, not feasible if you want to maintain a healthy flock), etc.
Why is it that council will not honor the 230 residents signatures requesting chickens to be allowed in the village homes? Council has responded that it is a minority, and does not represent the whole Village. As I recall, 230 residents was enough to vote in council member Butzu who made the motion to adopt the current proposed ordinance. Can they not hear 230 residents voices now?
How do they think it’s okay to pass a draft copied from Fenton addressing homes with new pet chickens, that is not even comparable to our community of long time chicken families? In the meantime, the Planning Commission was developing a draft upon council’srequest, that was thoroughly researched, well balanced, and fair for all involved parties (residents, chicken owners and health & well-being of the chickens).
To me it is pretty obvious that they are not here to represent our residents. It looks like they have their own agenda. These five council members don’t want chickens, so our families can’t have chickens.
Brenda Timmermans

From thecitizenonline.com
(In response to ‘If not for Leo there would not have been an ‘us,’ The Citizen, Jan. 20, page 3)
Leo Flood story
Dear Editor,
I am one of Coolidge Holt’s daughters and I just want to thank you much for adding Daddy to Leo Flood’s story. It was so nice to see the first article and to learn more about this man that we never got to meet but truly has been a part of our life. Leo Flood has lived on through Coolidge Holt and his family.
Susan Youther
Uncle Leo
Dear Editor
Thank you. Leo Flood was my uncle, I never met. Myd dad, Patrick Flood also graduated from Ortonville High and served in the army during WWII. Their brother, Jack Flood also served during WWII. It’s my understanding he served in Italy. Thanks again for honoring my Uncle Leo.
Gale (Flood) Wilcox
(In response to, New Brandon School board president, vice president elected, The Citizen, Jan. 20, page 4.)
Not optimistic
Dear Editor,
I am so sad to hear that Kevin McClellan wasn’t reelected School Board President, and that Diane Slater was. My limited exposure to her, was her voting against have human reproduction and sex education added to the curriculum. Not feeling very optimistic for the near future of Brandon Schools.
Susan Tower