Letters to the Editor July 17, 2021

(In response to, Memorial Day stench,” a letter by Pat George, The Citizen, June 6, page 6.)
Pure smoke—solution needed
Dear Editor,
I agree 100 percent.
Not that I do not think people should not be allowed a camp fire now and then, however the burning is way out of control!
Every day we have nice weather my neighbors are constantly burning. It could just have rained, crazy windy , it does not matter people are crazy about fire around here. We all know no one is getting a permit and I too have called the fire department to no avail. Obviously this is not being enforced at all.
A fire would be one thing, a proper fire is flame, however most people around me it is pure smoke. That is what happens when you burn wet material, green material, and I am pretty sure one of my neighbors is burning garbage, as it stinks so badly!
Like the Pat George said we can not open windows and I have a clothesline that I have to run out and grab my sheets off of because of all the crazy burning going on.
Many states it is illegal to burn leaves. That I can see, so many other options! As far as burning wood/yard waste camp fire maybe it could be limited to certain days downtown. There has to be some kind of solution!
Am I all alone in all of this? I am beginning to think so sadly.
Heather Dzuris, Ortonville
Thank you senior center
Dear Editor,
I would like to say a big thank you to the ladies that operate and maintain the daily activities at our Brandon Township Edna Burton Senior Center.
Faye, Linda, Arlene and all others that help out on a regular basis are doing a super great job every day.
The senior center gives us older people provides a place to go and enjoy all the things that we all can enjoy together. The food program is a really great thing for all the people that receive it.
If you would like a great place to stop and visit-stop in at the senior center.
Again I would like to say a big thank you to all our heroes at the center. We are blessed to have these ladies.
God Bless you all.
Ken Davis Sr.

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