Letters to the Editor July 9, 2022

Library services
Dear Editor,
I have always known librarians to be fierce defenders of the First Amendment, helpful and knowledgeable. The ladies in the Ferndale Library pulled dusty art books off the shelves for me, handed me many times repaired editions of Wizard of Oz sequels when I was a kid.
Now the Brandon Library supplies me with DVDs. Our library has old ones, new ones, a varied and large selections. If I want a title they don’t have, they find it at another library and get it for me. This is our tax dollars at work. Streaming services ain’t cheap. To rent a movie at home can be $4, One of the few public places where we are welcome and not expected to shell out money is our library. Check out this service from our cheerful librarians.
Bonnie Beltramo

Thank you
Dear Editor,
I would like to thank readers, friends, business owners and my colleagues for the special send off to retirement after 27 years with The Citizen last month. Many stopped by The Citizen newspaper office, called, or sent cards. I appreciate all who reached out and enjoyed my moment of fame.
None of the success of The Citizen could have been achieved without the team, I was fortunate to be part of the best. Thank you to the Sherman family for listening and adding The Citizen to their group of North Oakland County newspapers.
Welcome to the View Newspaper Group on their recent acquisition of Sherman Publications. I wish you all much success and happiness.
See you around town.
Jackie Nowicki

Dear Editor,
Our Country has forgotten that ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is God’s Law, not man’s.
Whether by a gun or an abortion, the Fifth Commandment is, and always has been, ‘Thou shalt not kill’. Peace.
Colleen Francis
Roe V. Wade
(Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to Roe V. Wade overturned: battle over abortion rights continues half-century later, The Citizen, July 2, Page 1)
Dear Editor,
June 24, 2022 will forever be remembered as the day that Roe v. Wade finally fell after 50 years.
After reading the front-page article on Roe v. Wade by Shelby Stewart-Soldan more than once, I look forward to her next front-page article about the Pro-Life residents celebrating what they thought would never happen in their lifetime.  To be fair and equal, a Pro-Life article should be printed.
Perhaps I should send you photos of me and my four sisters and one brother doing a victory dance and thanking God for this victory…Better yet, I invite everyone to watch the Youtube video of the St. Joseph Catholic Church priest, Fr. Steve Mateja, speaking on 06/25/22 during the 4:30 p.m. mass about this fantastic news!  In addition, why not go to  http://www.catholic.com and check out “Seven Important Facts to Know About Roe v Wade?  I dare you!
I have an adult son and daughter who supports life (as all Christians should) from conception until death.  Finally, the voices of the unborn have been heard!  Remember, if a pregnant woman is murdered and her “fetus” is murdered, there are fetal homicide laws in Michigan.  So what is it when a pregnant woman purposely ends her “fetus’” life?
Sandra Fullmer

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