Letters to the Editor June 23

(In response to “No more circuses,” a letter by Rose Kerr, The Citizen, June 16, page 7)
Don’t support PETA
Dear Editor,
To Rose Kerr regarding PETA… if you are a pet owner please do your research on the PETA. You should NOT be supporting such an organization. They are against pet ownership and would sooner see your pet dead then living in your comfy home. Bringing PETA into your post just invalidated everything you had to say.
Teddi Baird-Ocwieja
Thank you Ortonville
Dear Editor,
On behalf of the Ortonville Sewing Club, we are very grateful to all who came out June 16 to support us with their purchases and donations for the troops and veterans.
Thank you to Bueche’s for allowing us to spread out in their lobby.
It is because of this wonderful community, we are able to continue our support shipping packages to our deployed soldiers and quilts to our veterans.
God bless you all
Mary Ann
Support for NOCF
Dear Editor,
I would support a decision to join the North Oakland County Fire Authority (NOCF). Originally we had one Fire Station at Grange Hall Road and Dixie Hwy. Since then, Groveland built the new Fire Station centrally located on Grange Hall Road. More recently, Holly Township built a new Fire Station on Grange Hall Road in proximity to Groveland’s old Fire Station #1. This created an overlap of services, and Groveland no longer needs the old Fire Station # 1.
By joining NOCF we could eliminate Fire Station # 1, excessive expensive equipment and personally costs. Also, NOCF would allow Groveland to benefit, on a group (NOCF) basis to improve our ISO rating.
George Graunke, Groveland Township
Village Kids Breakfast Club 
Dear Editor,
I contact you with a very humble and grateful heart. I need to thank the Brandon Community Schools and the those in the community that have donated cereal for the Village Kids Breakfast Club last week. Between Oakwood & Harvey Swanson Elementary and Brandon High School, we received 228 boxes of cereal!
Adding the local drop box donations to the mix, 280 boxes for the week. The community support of this backyard mission has not only inspired and encouraged us to continue this program, it reminds us of how much it is needed, appreciated and how much it helps out our local families. Our first distribution was Sunday, June 17th, Fathers Day and we distributed cereal and milk vouchers for Cooks Farm Dairy to 36 children. We also had a hot dog roast and ice cream sundaes and the kids made Father’s Day cards for dad. It was wonderful to see our returning families and see how the kids have grown. We are expecting several more families to start attending after the holiday and schools out vacationers return home. I know 280 boxes of cereal sounds like a lot and it is, but I’m sure that we’ll distribute close to 1,000 this summer and please know that if there is any cereal left at the end of summer, it will be donated to OCEF.
So I do humble ask that the generosity continues and that the cereal donations continue to be made at the various local “cereal drop boxes” throughout the community.
Brandon Community Church, Seymour Lake UMC, Bueches, Creations Salon, Hope Horsepark, Impact Smoothies & Ortonville UMC. Monetary donations (milk money) can be made payable to OUMC and please note VKBC on the check can be mailed to Ortonville UMC PO Box 286, Ortonville, MI 48462. There is still plenty of time to register online at ortonvilleumc.org or call 248-627-3125. Or just show up, that’s fine too.
God Bless you, thank you.
Lisa Merglewski 
OUMC’s Lay Leader & VKBC Coordinator
Proud to be an American
Dear Editor,
I have been waiting to see all the letters from the ‘better than me’ letter writers condemning Mr. Trump for allowing the horrible situation of the poor people illegally being separated from their children. How can you not be as upset as I am about this? Does this mean that you are with Trump, saying that the Dems are to blame for it? As always, the president has to blame anyone other than the person clearly at fault! Some children are prone to do that! Rudy G. is his shadow!
Have you noticed his nervous laugh when interviewers get too close to the truth? He isn’t laughing at a joke! And Sarah Sanders- she lies like most of the White House employees! Like most of us -we thought they were working for us all these terrible months of Trump’s reign.
Instead of ‘draining the swamp,’ they are filling it with their garbage. We need to get a new leader-before this one completely ruins all that his predecessors have worked so hard for! Some may say that we are better off than we were a year ago-like the employment (unemployment) but all the wrongs don’t make a right. Mr. G. said today that the President believes that ‘we have to obey the law!’ wow- how is taking funds from a non-profit for your own use become legal?
Let’s change the president’s motto from ‘Make America great again!’ to ‘Let’s keep America great’?
I am so proud to be an American! Let’s keep it so we can all be proud of it!
I am sure I will get negative comments on some of this-but maybe you should have written before.
Eileen Bradley
(In response to,“Twp. planners eye outdoor rec,” The Citizen, June 16, page 3)
Wrong zoning 
 Dear Editor,
This is a poor idea. First of all – it says in your website that Atlas Township is dedicated to protecting the rural area environment.
Not sure how creating a project for Cricket (not demand for Cricket), zip lining and go carts does that. Second of all – how about the park gets opened right next to your house. No one would want a parking lot and bunch of noise next to there house. Lastly – it seems Atlas Township board has made an agreement with the investors and are not really interested in the people who live right there. Why else would the investors have bought the property for that amount of money unless they had a handshake and wink of the eye from the Township. It even says in recent publications that Nick Lomato is working on the investors behalf to get the zoning changes needed. Why would anyone from the Township be doing that before first hearing from its residents?
Aren’t the residents in that very area the most affected and should have the strongest voice in any zoning changes? Corrupt in Atlas Township board.
 James Ruzzin
Fire Department
Dear Editor,
As some of you are aware, Groveland Twp. is in the process of deciding whether or not to continue on with our current Groveland Twp. Fire Department (GTFD) or merge it with the North Oakland County Fire Authority (NOCFA). Since the GTFD is the only service provided by Groveland Twp. I am highly skeptical that giving up something that we all paid our hard earned Tax dollars to an unknown Fire Authority would or could be beneficial to all of us. I believe in the old adage – “You get what you pay for.” We worked hard to get the ISO rating we have with our Fire Department, and we did approve a millage .44 mills back in 2011 to support our GTFD. The ISO rating is very important to us as homeowners, our House Insurance rates are based on our ISO rating and ours recently improved from a 4 to a 3. The overall savings we enjoy plus the safety and security our GTFD provides, more than offset’s a potential savings by consolidating with the NOCFA. I also believe that our ISO rating and Fire service would continue to drop since NOCFA is spread out over a much wider area with no additional resources and not Groveland specific.
One of the reasons why our GTFD cost is higher than the surrounding communities is that we have our own Ambulance/Paramedic service vs. private ambulance services that other communities in the area use. I understand that Groveland did study using a private service, but due to our relatively small community (in terms of population) it wasn’t cost effective.
We control our GTFD and once you delegate your responsibility to someone else, you lose control, therefore these resources will be distributed elsewhere. Just like everything else, once you give something up, it’s practically impossible to get it back.
The Community Assistance Response Evaluation (CARES) has rated the GTFD, a far better rating than the NOCFA, in terms of patient survivability. Bottom Line: This is off utmost importance to our families and community.
When it comes to the Groveland Township concern about not having a sustainable budget that is totally false. I was shocked to find out that our Twp. is sitting on $7.2M in cash reserves. Not bad for a community with 5,600+ residents. The annual Groveland Twp. budget is just under $1.13M. So we have more than enough funds on hand. I’m very conservative, and I commend the Twp. for not wasting our taxpayer’s dollars, however, having 6.3 years worth of annual spending on hand is a bit excessive (but that’s another issue). As a Municipality, we should be re-allocating these resources to the Fire department as necessary. Our Township was also disingenuous when it was said, that we spent ½ of the Fire dept. reserve fund over the last couple of years. But forgot to mention that our Chief Steve Mcgee rightfully thought it wise to pay off the loan for a fire truck instead of paying interest which would have cost the taxpayer’s more money. Especially in light of having $7.2M on hand!
In addition, I was surprised that Station 1 is being considered for closure, since it is old and needs to be replaced. If it is not replaced, I’m confident that we will further reduce our ISO rating. Which means our insurance rates will go up substantiality. Hopefully, we can develop a business case and by being creative – keep the cost impact down to a minimum.
When I saw the Groveland Twp. survey that was sent out to our residents, I was personally very disappointed in the way it was slanted, which leads our residents to come to the conclusion to proceed with the NOCFA proposal, without all the pertinent facts – such as ISO ratings, insurance costs, survivability, reverting back to our status quo, etc. There are to many unknowns to make a drastic change such as this. As I was writing this article, I found out that the residents who returned the survey agreed 53 percent to 47 percent to keep the GTFD, which is a good sign. But we still need to convince the Groveland Twp. Board not to proceed with the NOCFA.
I’ve had numerous discussions with residents in our community along with my neighbors and they have raised additional concerns as well….To many to list, however, Fern Ogans who wrote a letter to the editor at The Citizen newspaper highlight a lot of them in detail. I highly recommend that you take the time to read her online article (see Link below) and attend the next Groveland Twp. Board meeting on July 9, 2018 at 7:00 PM.
In closing, I think we should take our time to make an informed decision such as this, and wait till the next township fire department millage comes up on the ballot so we as citizens can vote on such an important manner. I would also like to thank The Citizen newspaper with keeping us informed.
Harry Branca Jr.
Groveland Twp. Resident and Zoning Board Member

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