Letters to the Editor June 28

Thank you
Dear Editor,
On behalf of the members of Goodrich Enrichment Activities and Revitalization (G.E.A.R.), I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all who made our First Annual Glow Golf Outing a success!
We are a newly formed non-profit 501c3 whose organization’s mission is to give back to our community by providing opportunities to bring people together. This past weekend’s golf outing raised $800 to be used for this purpose. We are extremely gracious to the golfers who signed on for this new event and made it a fun evening.
We’d also like to thank Goodrich Country Club for hosting and providing prizes to our winning golfers, Hudson Insurance Group and U Pose Photo Booth for providing sponsorship, and Goodrich Martians Softball Boosters, Jessica Modlin with Thirty-One, Kathy Cook from Kathy’s Edgy Creations, Al Serra Auto Plaza, and Sugarbush Golf Club for donating raffle items. The members of G.E.A.R. are humbled by the willingness of the Goodrich and surrounding communities to get involved and support our cause.
We look forward to providing more community events in the future and encourage your readers to visit our Facebook page (GEAR: Goodrich Enrichment Activities & Revitalization) and The Citizen Community calendar section to check on upcoming events and activities.
Lastly, we appreciate The Citizen giving us the chance to publicly thank everyone involved in supporting our endeavors and for highlighting the great things happening in our local communities.
Thank You,
Crystal Chapa
G.E.A.R. Executive Board

Burned in village
Dear Editor,
My letter is also to address the burning in my community, but I do not live in town. Our home is in Brandon Township where they have almost an average of one out of three burning days if you do the math. If you live here in April or October you have 12 or 13 days of those months for burning. Many times people burn on non-burning days and then on an acre or more they can burn whenever they please. When you call the State of Michigan they have a moratorium on burning but leave it to the local governing bodies to set their own policy.
With mine and my families health problems, I have voiced my dislike of this for years, on deaf ears I might add. When I tried to explain to our supervisors how extremely bad the burning was for our health, her response was had we ever considered moving, real compassion.
We have way too many days for burning, then there are firepits, campfires and self-contained burning containers. We can never sleep with our windows down or use our attic fan. I am only glad to the extent I see I am not alone in how I feel and maybe, just maybe, this issue can be resolved for those of us who pay taxes and yet our voices are not really heard.
Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts and to the others who have health problems.
Michele Sabourin