Letters to the editor March 16

Editors note:During the 2018 holiday season, the Ortonville Sewing Club stuffed 300 stockings with donated Halloween candy supplied by the Oxford Schools and Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. The sewing club hosted four packing parties to help stuff and sewed the stockings for Desert Angels to send to troops overseas.Below are some of the responses from our troops.
Dear Ortonville Sewing Club,
Thank you for the awesome stuff!! Got your package and it was awesome to get some cool treats from home, especially this time of year. On a personal note, I work in Warren, MI when I am not a reservist (Army), so getting a note from Ortonville was pretty cool! Not that close but close enough that I know where you are! I am in Baghdad, Iraq right now working the corps level headquarters (3 star) as an engineer. We are trying to build Iraq up so they can take care of things themselves, so we can come home for good! Thank you again for the stuff. It always makes us smile to know we are not forgotten.
Major Aaron, 983rd Eng, USAR
Dear Ortonville Sewing Club,
Thank you so much for the cards and goodies you send us. We much appreciate all the words of encouragement and support. Without your kind thoughts and prayers we wouldn’t be able to do all the things that we do four our country. We wish we could show our gratitude for everything you have sent us. You are in our thoughts and prayers.Sgt. Ian, US Marine Corp.
Dear Mary Ann Fry and friends,
Hello, I hope this letter finds you well. Your card (stocking) found me doing fine here in Kuwait. I appreciate the time and care everyone takes in donating and packing these boxes. Your time and generosity is very much appreciated. I love the stocking and various gifts in the box. I share these boxes with all of my 700 soldiers when we can. Thanks to all in the Ortonville Sewing Club. Thanks for your time and generosity once again. We so much appreciate you. God Bless and Thank You. CSM Joseph
Mrs. Fry and Ortonville Sewing Club,
I would like to thank you and the Ortonville Sewing Club for the filled stocking. Please pass on my thanks to the Desert Angels! I can speak for all the airmen deployed here in the 451st how much it meant to have those packages sent to us.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sgt. Harold, Kandahar, Airfield.
Dear Ortonville Sewing Club,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you have shown me and my men over the years. While in Iraq, I received your heart felt packages and am receiving to this day. I do regret that this message should’ve been sent earlier for that I apologize. I would like you all to know that you are what make this ARMY the best in the world.
Your support has reached out and affected so many young lives of the men I serve with daily. Your time and commitment should not go unnoticed by any means.

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