Letters to the editor, March 18, 2017

Wires weren’t tapped

Dear Editor,

Concerning Trump’s claims that President Obama had the wires in the White House tapped.

No the wires weren’t tapped, bt I suggest Mr. Trump that your wires need spliced and reinforced, you are becoming unraveled and unhinged. In my opinion.

Sylivia Runyon

Poor job Lucas

Dear Editor,

I was finished with completely debunking articles (Itoney’s first two) filled with false statements and hideous innuendoes, and then along comes Paul Lucas with all of the same garbage. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to debase another article written by this hopeless, misguided couple as they have become loathsome, not to mention boring.

In Paul Lucas’ second paragraph there is the nonsense claim “Everyone who read your piece, Tamara, knows you were only quoting a demographic (what?) published in numerous polls.” False! Bottom line, you are not God and therefore obviously don’t “know” everyone. And I still find it disgusting that Itoney used this totally biased statistic to try and deceive the readers, but not on my watch!

Also of great importance is you Lucas defending her doing it, even though she herself said in the Feb. 11 edition of The Citizen and I quote “First, I’m about to make Mr. Kordella’s life. Yes, the 53 percent of the women’s majority vote was in error (did you read that Lucas?); it was actually 53 percent of the white women’s vote…..”. Duh, which word(s) of plain english don’t you get? Itoney admits misleading the public and then “corrects” herself so why are you Lucas, still “trying” to gloss it over and continuing to make false statements regarding it. BTW, are you sure someone hasn’t tapped your phone line, you know, your 793 number?

In your next paragraph you try and discredit me but the people of Brandon and the surrounding areas are a lot smarter than you think and aren’t buying your diversionary and totally false claims. My very first line in my first article in the Feb. 4, 2017 edition of The Citizen said: “I was surprised to see such a derogatory response (Itoney’s first) to Susan Bromley’s column “Why I march.” This letter was filled with many statement that are inaccurate and also ……. that I felt compelled to respond to it.” Bottom Line: I will always stand up and fight for Americans who are exercising their constitutional rights, and especially their right of freedom of speech! And I will also defend all Americans against people like Itoney and you Lucas (because you agree with her 100 percent) who use hate filled, spiteful, and vicious rants and statements to try and intimidate people from exercising these rights! I don’t care if they’re Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, Green, Blue, or even Alien, which I think you both might be.

Then, Lucas produces some extreme babble, so much so that I thought I was reading the Book of Genesis 11, 1-9 about the Tower of Babel. Lucas jumps from Don Rush, to Obama, to cabinet picks, to what we got when Trump won, and then he says “To paraphrase one of our Founding Fathers: In order for evil to triumph all that is needed is for good men to do nothing.” Wrong again. None of our Founding Fathers ever made a statement like the one above. But hey, when you live in a comic book world like Lucas does, I guess you can make fictional claims and do anything you want any time you want. Hey, on second thought, you might want to check your microwave because it was surely hacked.

In ending, and speaking about your Marvel-ous comic book world, from your statements it appears that you are the “Joker” and always have been. Hope you like crow! Kris Kordella