Letters to the Editor March 20, 2021

Thank you
Dear Editor,
On behalf of Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance and our entire community we would like to thank the Brandon School administration and staff for your dedication to the welfare of your students. Your persistent hard work and research allowed our school system to be one of few to remain open during this pandemic. Without the your leadership the staff and teachers would not have had the ability to maintain such a high quality of education for the past year.
All the extra work and time that it required to protect the students and provide extra security and health safety kept our infections at the lowest level. When these issues occurred the quality of the immediate response for reporting and providing the quarantining of students and staff was outstanding.
Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance is proud to be a part of the Brandon School team and cannot begin to express our gratitude for the highest level of response in this very difficult time.
Brandon Groveland
Youth Assistance Board

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