Letters to the editor March 23

(In response to, Blackhawk back to Big House, The Citizen, March 16, page 3)
Big house
Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed your article regarding Bryce Chamberlain’s return to the big house in a big way.
I found this heartfelt story very interesting and articulate. It’s enjoyable to read a success story following a tragic accident. Further, I appreciate your unbiased reporting on this young collegiate football players return after a serious injury in high school. I look forward to seeing Bryce Chamberlain at the spring game on April 13th. Thanks for your excellent article.
Jim Lusty
Thank you
We would like to send a sincere Thank You to the Ortonville Community and surrounding communities for the Love and support you have shown in this very difficult time for our family.
We do take comfort in the fact that we know Garrett’s legacy is safe and will live on with many of you as it will with us. The influence he had in our communities is astonishing for such a young man. We can all learn a lot from our experience with Garrett and truly make the people around us better and the world a kinder place.
Special thanks to all the people that have donated time and funds to ensure Garrett’s wife and kids are cared for. Thank you to Roy and staff at the Village funeral home for the care and comfort you gave us. Pastor Curt and Bridgewood Church for allowing us to celebrate Garrett’s life among those he cared for in a beautiful facility. Macphees for helping cater the wake at GOB gym where he loved to spend his time.
If you knew Garrett, you are well aware that he poured his heart and focus into you every time you were with him. Thank You so much for pouring your heart and soul into the celebration of his life!!!!
Brian Reid

(In response to “Options for open swim considered by board,” The Citizen, March 16, page 4)
Open swim
Dear Editor,
As a senior living in the village, I want to stress the value of Open Swim at the Brandon High School. We bought a family membership last fall and enjoy swimming laps or joining a class in the morning, after taking the grandkids to school. The pool is always busy, the staff are helpful and I have made new friends with swimmers of all ages. On Saturdays I bring my grandkids. It’s great exercise and one of the best features of living in Ortonville and Brandon Township. Please continue to offer Open Swim to the community! Thank you.
Lucinda Bellairs,