Letters to the Editor March 26, 2022

(In response to, ‘ARPA grant for Atlas sidewalks,’ The Citizen, March 19, 2022, page 2) 
Where are our taxes going? 
Dear Editor,
Atlas Township is repairing the walking/sidewalks in the Atlas area due to tripping hazards. This would be the walking path past the Goodrich School and up into Atlas. When I called the township supervisor  several weeks ago to request  potholes in our subdivision,  Atlas Valley Estates,   I was told to contact the County (Genesee) road commission and request that.
Our streets have not been resurfaced  in over 40+ years.  We are Atlas Township taxpayers!
Some of these holes are 4 inches  plus deep and a good 20 inches or better in diameter at the entrances and the main street, Farnsworth/Gale, Farnsworth/Brendonwood, Brendonwood/Catherwood,and at Gale and Baldwin roads. I counted at least 15 (potholes) this morning and they are growing as the days go by.  Soon the spring rains will arrive and make matters even worse.Does the township want to wash us away? All we need is a new top coat. The drains are intact. Where are our tax dollars going?
Margaret Story, resident of “AVE” since 1971.

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