Letters to the editor March 3

(In response to, Area lawmakers respond to gun issues, The Citizen, Feb. 24, Page 1)
Florida school massacre
Dear Editor,
What is more important. The second amendment and the NRA or the lives of our children and grandchildren?
It is ironic that on Valentine’s Day, 89 years ago, in Chicago, Al Capone mowed down 7 gangsters with a Tommy gun, a.k.a. machine gun. The gangsters were all armed with hand guns. What chance would a school teacher have in similar circumstances? The result was that automatic guns were banned by law.
Fast forward to Valentine’s Day in Florida, 2018, 17 school children are killed by a similar weapon called AR-15. Why are they still legal? After Las Vegas and the night club massacres we get feeble and evasive excuses from certain derelict leaders. Obviously that NRA money trumps their morality and conscience. How sad. They should be removed from office.
Dale Bond