Letters to the editor March 31

O.A.T.S. thank you
Dear Editor,
We would like to thank the people of the Ortonville area for their tremendous support for our first annual Easter Egg Hunt held on March 24 at the O.A.T.S. farm. We didn’t know how many people to expect and we were truly amazed and gratified that over 400 people came to our new location in Groveland Township for an afternoon of family fun. A total of $700 was collected to support our therapeutic horseback riding programs. O.A.T.S. is a non-profit organization and we rely on the generosity and goodwill of the community to continue to provide services to special needs children and adults.
We are always in need of volunteers. Please call me at (248) 620-1775 for more information.
Beth Pellerito
Executive Director
(In response to Nobody’s fool, a letter by Dale Bond, The Citizen, March 24, page 6)
Gun facts
Dear Editor,
When reading Mr. Bond’s viewpoint on the lawful ownership of guns, it was clear to me Mr. Bond had given himself away as a fraud, and quite possibly, a criminal.
First of all, there is no such thing as a “12 ca” shotgun, as he stated. The correct term would have been “12 gauge”. (The “ca” stands for caliber)
A misprint? Perhaps.
Stating that it holds “6 shells” is another issue. Odd, to say the least, whereas most shotguns are made to hold only 5.
Most come equipped with a plug to allow only 3 shells to be loaded. The reason for those numbers, 3 and 5? They are each the national legal limit for sportsmen while afield.
Some shotguns are indeed made to hold more, for their intended non hunting sports use, like target shooting, but those are illegal to hunt with, Mr. Bond.
As a sportsman with 35 years afield, I’ve only had a few days where “6” shells were enough for a “ full day”.
This is to help you, Mr. Bond, so that the next time you write about guns you can use this information so at least part of your letter will have some accuracy. One last thing. The other countries that have banned guns, they are waiting for your arrival.
Scott Bills
School metal detectors
Dear Editor,
There seems to be a lot of controversy over gun control every time we have a school shooting(s). It seems to me that the real issue of school safety is being ignored with each school shooting. There always is a real push for gun control and no one can agree on what to do about it, then gradually everything is forgotten, until the next shooting with no real school safety accomplished.
It also seems to me that real school safety would be accomplished by installing a metal detector at each entrance the students use. Then if the detector is executed, a set of safety doors ahead of the detector would immediately close along with a set of doors behind the detector, thus trapping the shooter. An alarm would be set off in appropriate areas such as principal’s office, the police department and/or security officers’ area (if there is one).
I believe that with the students and public having knowledge of this security system being in place, it could act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of entering such a school.
I believe the president could possibly authorize this system and all costs for all schools, colleges and universities by executive order just as other presidents have authorized spending, (with a mechanism for repayment if, or as necessary).
Clifton Brusso

Keeping our guns
Dear Editor,
As the saying goes, “Bad” people with guns kill people. Studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, “without” a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances.
Pick up any NRA magazine and around the 10th page there are several stories every month about people, young, old, black, white or brown protecting themselves and their families from all across our nation. This is what the second amendment means to my family.
If a trained teacher feels comfortable using a gun for protection more power to them. Where do most of these shootings happen? Gun free zones.
How can background checks work with these hippy laws? Maybe if someones buys a gun “legally” and signs their paperwork that law should no longer apply.
No one is going to take away our guns.
Lisa Ksiazek
(In response to Nobody’s fool, a letter by Dale Bond, The Citizen, March 24, page 6)
Twisted words
Dear Editor,
Mr. Bond…You just don’t get it do you. I started my letter posing both sides of the debate, stating both, supporting neither. Since you are “Nobody’s Fool” let me make it crystal clear where I stand on the issue. Our children, in my opinion, are our most valuable asset, and our future. It is our responsibility to nurture ,teach, and raise them to become an important part of our society. They must be protected at all times. The 2nd amendment is also very important to our society. It is one of building blocks of this great nation and quite frankly without it you might very well lose the others.
As an example let me quote a person from recent history to make my point. I paraphrase: “ For the 1st time in modern history we have made a nation free of all guns so that our citizens can move forward with productive lives.” Adolf Hitler…1935! We all know how that turned out don’t we. Guns are not the villians here just as cars don’t kill people nor do cell phones. It is the person(s) using/operating them improperly that do. I.E DUI/Distracted driving. Can I find a teacher who would arm themselves to protect their students? You bet I can! Don’t sell the teachers short! Teachers on the whole are very protective of their students and would do just that if forced too. In my opinion, a teacher’s desire to protect the student is part of their personality born from a inner desire to make a difference. At the last school shooting the first person to die was a teacher who put himself in front of the shooter to protect the students! Don’t get me wrong. Not all teachers should be armed. That would be their individual decision and if they choose to then their role would be of a defensive not offensive nature. Since you choose to ignore some simple facts let me repeat them for you. Any gun ban you think of has already been tried at one time or another and has failed. It is a proven fact that all these attempts have not curbed the violence one bit. We need to attack the problem by first, changing the HIPA laws to keep the guns away from the mentally ill. That one thing would make a difference almost immediately.
You mention “Road Rage.” When’s the last time you heard of that involving a gun? Sure it happens, but it is very rare. You mention the Bobby’s in England. Guess who is carrying sidearms after several Bobby’s were beheaded in broad daylight in London. That’s right…the Bobby’s.
In closing let me add that if you want to debate an issue then don’t twist words of the person your debating with and have at least some working knowledge of the subject matter at hand. When it comes to this subject it is quite clear that you’re running on pure emotion and not knowledge. Yes Mr. Bond you are definitely “Nobody’s Fool” I’d have to say that when it comes to being a fool you’re in a class all by yourself. Have a nice day.
Paul S. Lucas

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