Letters to the editor May 18

Our community at work
Dear Editor,
I am very happy to share with our caring, generous community the pictures of the Stamp Out for Hunger, sponsored by the post office and assisting OCEF, our local food pantry which took place Saturday, May 11.
A very special thank you to our wonderful letter carriers who spent so many hours picking up the groceries at each stop, a back breaking job for sure. Also, to our wonderful, caring community who support our pantry in so many ways, without all of you our pantry would not exist. Lastly, to everyone who volunteered to empty the postal bins, and help carry all the groceries into our building, again we would have been lost without you. As you can see the theme which is developing which tells us HOW VERY IMPORTANT ALL OF YOU ARE, and what a blessing to live and work in the most “awesome” community I have ever known.
Thank you. Karyn
OCEF Food Pantry Director
Bookin’ It For Your
Library 5K
Dear Editor,
A huge thank you to everyone who participated and helped with the 8th annual Bookin’ It For Your Library 5K and Dewey Decimal Dash on May 11. Over 500 people registered for our event, and we raised over $7,000 for library programs and materials. This event would not be possible without the dedication of all of our wonderful volunteers along the course, including the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), officers from the Brandon Twp. Substation, and countless other adults and students who helped make our route safe and cheer on the runners and walkers. Thank you DPW employees for putting out road barricades, and maintaining our village so beautifully. A big shout out for our wonderful sponsors: A&W, Acument Global Technologies, Alpine Roofing Complete, Austin Brick Pavers, Blackhawks Auto Repair, Brandon Chiropractic Center, Friends of the Brandon Twp Public Library, Hevel Flooring, Hillside Bible Church (who provided our water stop), Hudson Insurance Group, Impact North, Ivy Rehab, Jane Derry-Burkett of Morgan & Milzow Realtors, JNJ Plumbing, Kochan Carpentry, Lazer Lines Parking Lot Maintenance, Lynn’s Dance Studio, Mickey’s Construction, Milner Agency Farm Bureau Insurance, Michigan State Federal Credit Union, Mindset Management Inc, My Bat Guy, North Oaks Community Church, Ortonville Animal Hospital, Ortonville Fit Body Boot Camp, Oxford Family Dentistry, Pasteiners.com, Provider Claims Management, and Wills Family Chiropractic.
Thank you to The Citizen staff for all of the great event coverage, Graveldinger Graphix for our awesome shirts, Larry Pete for the fantastic DJ service, and to Brenda Timmermans, who did a fabulous job taking pictures of our event! Look for them on the Brandon Twp. Library Facebook page soon.
Robin Loughlin
Brandon Twp. Public Library
Drowning in garbage
Dear Editor,
We need assistance from the township in finding a new disposal company. I have called several, they aren’t taking new customers or they don’t service Brandon Township or they don’t even bother returning my call.
HELP or we will soon be drowning in garbage out here.
P.S. Shame on you, Odd Jobs, for not giving us notice. You wanted to drain every penny you could before pulling out. What a shameful way to treat loyal customers.
Sylvia Runyon
Thank you Ortonville
Dear Editor,
Ortonville mail carriers would like to thank you for your very generous donations. Each year our totals grow. We overwhelmingly surpassed last year’s total of 16 carts of food (around 8,500 pounds) with 21 carts this year (close to 11,000 pounds). You all should feel great about yourselves. You made a HUGE difference. Many families right here in your own neighborhood will benefit from your generosity. Thank you all! I can’t wait to do it again next year! Ortonville Rocks!
Rachelle Welch
Ortonville Mail Carrier

Pool concerns
Dear Editor
I am writing to voice concerns regarding the Brandon Schools community pool. Since the management of the pool has been contracted out to Aqua Club, the community has experienced reduced hours and services. Recent comments made by the school superintendent have me concerned that the community will continue to experience reduced services and access to the pool.
In 1996 Brandon Schools had a millage approved to construct the pool. I have spoken to the Board president, vice-president, secretary and also some of the trustees that were on the school board at that time. They have all consistently stated that the community approved the millage for the pool because they wanted a community pool, something in the school district that would be available for their use, not just the K-12 students. The Board members also stated that it was known at the time that the pool was approved that it would most likely not be a money maker, but that it was a commitment to the community to provide a benefit to all members of the community, not just the K-12 students.
I understand there continues to be financial challenges with the pool maintenance and management but excluding the community from it is not the solution. I have had the opportunity to discuss this topic with several members of the community that have used the pool for 20 years and they have some great thoughts that I think the school board and administration should consider.
1) Enroll the pool into Silver Sneakers where the individual’s costs would be covered by insurance companies or Medicare.
2) Expand educational and developmental opportunities, such as Red Cross Basic Lifesaving, First Responders, Navy Seals and swim instruction classes for all ages.
3) Use the digital sign at the High School entrance, email and social media to promote the pool and events.
4) Have The Citizen showcase events and individuals’ health improvements from use of the pool.
5) Place the management of the pool under the Brandon Community Ed Department.
6) Extend the pool hours of operation so more people can ue it. (Several people indicated they stopped using the pool when the hours were reduced)
7) Explore opportunities to hire lifeguards and/or managers from local universities and colleges with physical therapy and health care cirriculums.
8) Make the revenue and expenses of the pool more transparent to the community. Currently there is much confusion as to what the actual costs are.
We live in a small community, and Brandon Schools is a large expense for the homeowners. Let’s work to continue to try to provide not only a quality education for all our students, but also facilities the entire community can benefit from.
Lynne Schank

Self-sustaining adult open swim
Dear Editor,
As many of you know, our contract with Aqua Club expires in June which led to the recent conversation and Citizen articles on this topic.
We want people swimming in our pool. This is not about closing our pool. It’s about options of who will fund and manage the pool during available, open times.
We see value in a self-sustaining adult, open swim program and need to discuss options as they evolve during this decision-making prices.
Diane Salter
President Brandon School Board