Letters to the Editor May 28, 2022

CERT Prepares for New Year of Service
Dear Editor,
The Brandon Township CERT team is preparing for a new year of service to Ortonville and Brandon Township.
Formed in 2006 by retired Lieutenant Colonel Lee Stewart, the CERT team works as an augmentation to the Brandon Fire Department, under the direction of Fire Chief David Kwapis, who sponsors the CERT team. The team is led by life-long Brandon Township resident Ted Davis.
“I’m proud of the CERT team members, and the dedication and self-sacrifice that they provide to the team,” said Davis. “The mission of CERT is to respond, when called, to a major disaster or mass causality event to help with needed tasks at the disaster scene.”
There are currently 10 members, and Brandon Township residents are encouraged to volunteer. There are no special skills needed to be a CERT member. An apply at the Brandon Fire Department, equipment and training provided.
“The CERT team does not replace or try to do the job of the fire department, only assist with manpower in case of disaster in or around Brandon Township,” said Davis.
The CERT team are often utilized at parades and special events practicing some of the skills necessary for a major event.
“Please say ‘Hi’ if you see us out, at any of the events in Ortonville or Brandon Township,” added Davis. Gary Spalo, Brandon Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member

(In response to Police Files, The Citizen, May 7, Page 7)
Fraudulent Checks
Dear Editor,
The woman who had fraudulent checks being used against her account.   The same thing happened to me several weeks ago.  I also had a check written and I put it in my mailbox in Ortonville.   A  thief stole my mail, changed the check but kept my signature and tried to deposit it in a local bank for $10,000.  Thank God Oxford Bank caught it and sent it back NSF.   Warning to all:   Take all your mail to the post office and do not put it in your mailbox on the road.
Sue Kolb, Ortonville

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