Letters to the Editor May 8, 2021

Government control
Dear Editor,
We continually hear about restrictions on individuals if they have not received a Covid-19 vaccine shot.
What about people who have had Covid- 19, have been tested, and have antibodies? These people have immunity but are discriminated against even though they are immune.
If, and when, vaccine passports are counterfeited, will the government require a chip be implanted or a mark be tattooed on a hand to prove to the government that we have accepted an experimental drug into our system? If we continue to accept this government control of our bodies, we will totally lose our freedom. Walter Dilber
Thank you community
Dear Editor,
The family of Jason Stahl wish to express our heartfelt amazement for the love, support and sympathy shown to us from the community.
Jason’s personality and smile touched hundreds of people. We heard wonderful stories that made us laugh and cry. While the pain and grief still hurts, it warms our hearts knowing he was truly loved.
There are so many people to thank, the Scramlin family for standing by Jason through his sickness. The many generous supporters of Go Fund Me. The donations from friends and family. Words cannot express our appreciation. Even Jason would be impressed. As Marv Scramlin told me when I thanked him, “It was a privilege to have known him.”
Thank you and God bless.
The Stahl Family
(In response to “Vaccine wait easing,” The Citizen, May 1, page 1)
Vaccine irresponsible
Dear Editor,
Another medical professional being incredibly irresponsible about the so called vaccine.
Dr. Pamela Hackert allow me to answer your question about why some are hesitant or will not get the shot. Number 1, this so called vaccine ( by the way it’s not a vaccine) is authorized by the FDA and not approved. That means there has not been enough testing to determine long term and short term effects of this lab made synthetic liquid you want to inject into my body ( MRNA).
Why would anyone take the chance of getting an unapproved immune booster to protect them from a virus that has almost a 99 percent survival rate? You forgot to mention the virus has almost a 99 percent survival rate (nothing in life is 100 percent). You say the shot “is safe,” how do you know the shot is “Safe” when the FDA does not know, that is why it is not approved. The only people that should be getting the shot are those who are in imminent danger due to other physical issues.
Then you have the audacity to scare people into thinking that life won’t be normal until you get the shot. Life should have always remained at normal, lock downs don’t work, masks don’t work, but our natural God given immune system does work. Other states did not have lock down, they lifted mask mandates and shockingly they are doing fine.
David Saroli

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  1. Alex Martin   May 10, 2021 at 12:57 pm

    Even Facebook has the good sense to remove or refuse to publish the sort of dangerous, anti-science rubbish Mr. Saroli has submitted, and the Citizen has irresponsibly published.


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