Letters to the editor Nov. 10

Axel speaks
Dear Editor,
I wanted to tell everyone “thank you, thank you” from the bottom of my doggie bowl for such a great time at the Pet Contest/Parade sponsored by Brandon/Ortonville CERT Team on Oct. 27 at Crossman Park. My mom made me dress-up and I really didn’t want to, but I am sooo glad I did. I came home with gifts, treats and a crush on a particularly cute Pug. A special thank you to Tony Randazzo and the entire Brandon/Ortonville CERT Team, Kbaam Yard Games, all the volunteers, Township Supervisor Kathy Thurman, Township Trustee Jayson W. Rumball, Village President Tonja Brice, Village Councilmember Larry Hayden, Scruffy To Fluffy, Brandon Chiropractic, June King, Kevin King, Spare Time and Hamilton’s of Ortonville. Hopefully, I didn’t forget anyone. If I did, blame it on my mom. Can’t wait until next year!
Love Axel the dog (Melanie Nivelt assisted in this letter.)

Thank you
Dear Editor,
I want to send a deep heartfelt thank you to everyone who worked hard on elections, campaigning for what they believe in, and voting so that their voices can be heard. We can continue to build upon and focus on positive initiatives we can achieve together, that highlight what we love about our community. I encourage us all to be involved and make a positive difference.
I can’t thank you enough for your support, belief, strength, and confidence in this exciting election. I am excited to continue to work for and with you. Together we can accomplish what we put our hearts and minds to! As a collective voice, we can all make a difference in what we want to see, to be, and to do for Ortonville on this journey! Tonja Brice

(In response to:Area seamstress never quit on heirloom quilt, The Citizen, Nov. 3, page 3)
Please return quilt
Dear Editor,
In regards to the unfortunate loss of a sewing machine and an heirloom quilt, what can one say! That quilt may have been hand sewn with fabrics worn by family members and sewn with such love and care no one outside that family can really understand that!
Please, please, please give that family back that one of a kind gem, somehow return it please! I think what the Mabelena group did was so wonderful and I’m sure very appreciated. There is much good and kindness in the world, so in saying that please whoever you are, return that quilt. Leave it somewhere and make a phone call, for someday you may have a loss of something near and dear to you, and then and only then may you realize what you have done. Sad, please and hopeful,
Michele Sabourin