Letters to the Editor Nov. 13, 2021

Thank you Wojo’s
Dear Editor,
The Village of Ortonville along with the community thank Wojo’s Greenhouse, 2570 Oakwood Road, Brandon Township for their donation of the beautiful mums in the street planters through the downtown area this season.
They brighten up the downtown area, and the continued support of Wojo’s Greenhouse is greatly appreciated.
Bob Hauxwell
Ortonville DPW

(In response to, Township to host waste services public hearing, The Citizen, Oct. 23, page 4)
Oppose garbage assessment
Dear Editor,
On Monday, Nov. 15 at 5:30 p.m., Atlas Township will hold a Public Hearing to increase your taxes. This is a 64 percent increase on the garbage service assessment. What will we get for that increase? Less service for more money. Residents will receive a heavy and bulky garbage can with a hinged lid that has limited garbage capacity. This receptacle will have to be wheeled to the curb from the back 40.You will not be permitted extra cans, and recycling will become a biweekly service.
The Citizen (Oct. 23, 2021) quoted Atlas Supervisor, and Clerk about the burdensome number of phone calls received for garbage and recycle complaints. I am sure it was horrible. Thankfully, Atlas has three elected officials in the office, with 3 more on staff on hand to respond in just such a crisis. You see, the disruption in waste and recycle service was due to the loss of half of Emterra drivers testing positive for COVID. Though The Citizen reported Atlas officials claimed that “while other townships were notified…Atlas was not,”according to account rep, Dan Garmin “Atlas and Grand Blanc Townships were the firstcalls made within 24-hours.” In the words of Atlas officials… it was like the township office was highjacked, and it sure was …by public enemy #1: COVID. Admittedly, this was as awful an experience for Atlas as it was for Emterra, and the rest of Genesee County also serviced by Emterra.
I can understand the frustration and misunderstanding that follows communication failure. But as the saying goes, when you point a finger, there are three more pointing right back at you. There are two sides to this story. I would argue that both had a job to do above and beyond normal business, under highly unusual and never experienced before circumstances. What is really bothersome though is that for whatever the reason, Atlas now wants to break a recently renewed contract, risk litigation that could potentially require Atlas Taxpayers to foot the bill to pay the remainder of the contract we will renege on and pay top dollar for a new but not better waste removal service. I know this industry and I guarantee, you are being misled if you believe this 64 percent increase will be a benefit to you.
In closing, I suggest the township contact the City of Flint, Swartz Creek and Fenton to find out why they recently kicked the company they now want to contract with to the curb.
To oppose this increase, attend the November 15th meeting orsend an email saying NO to this increase. Contact information: kvick@atlastownship.org, amoore@atlastownship.org , skj@atlastownship.org.
I recently read a sign that said: “Everyone is short staffed; be kind to the ones who show up!” How about we all adapt to that?
Tere Onica
Atlas Township Resident

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