Letters to the editor Nov. 30, 2019

Thank you Brandon Board
Dear Editor,
This is Thanksgiving weekend. The Brandon Board of Education is extremely thankful for all of you in our Brandon School District. We appreciate our Brandon and Groveland businesses that donate and support us. We want to thank every Brandon School District employee who puts our schools and classrooms in working order or transports students to our schools. Parents and students: we appreciate your commitment to making Brandon Schools the Best! Teachers, principals and administrators … thank you for teaching our kids and giving them the pathways to succeed. PLEASE everyone … be thankful that we have the BEST community and schools!
The Brandon Board of Education, Diane Salter, Lisa Kavaluna, Marianne Dwyer, Melissa Clark, John Chartier, Sarah Allen and Kevin McCellan.
Diane Salter
Brandon School Board

(In response to Village council can’t agree on park future,’ The Citizen, Nov. 30, page 5)
Wildlife Perservation Park
Dear Editor
We would like to thank Village Council President Brice and trustees George and Hayden for considering ideas to promote the use of the Wildlife Preservation Park.
Despite their research, three other trustees (Eschmann, Skornicka, and Butzu) continued to push their agenda for an ordinance to prevent development and therefore the use of the park. These three trustees, Eschmann, Skornicka, and Butzu are choosing to ignore the overwhelming support for a trail in the park as evidenced by the attendance and those who spoke at the October village council meeting. Any trustee with property adjacent to the park should recuse themselves from the process. The village manager did say that any ordinance created by this council can be overturned by the next council. Those who support being able to be active in their own community should be sure to remember those who block the park use, Eschmann, Skornica, Butzu when they vote in November 2020.
Kim and Don Noble
Village residents

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