Letters to the editor Nov. 9, 2019

In response to “Kearsley Creek E-Coli levels higher this summer,” The Citizen, Oct. 5, page 4
Kearsley Creek
Dear Editor,
After reading the article in The Citizen, dated October 5, pertaining to water quality data in Kearsley Creek, Lake Louise homeowners would like to share some of the steps we take in efforts to assist in the protection of this treasured resource. We voluntarily participate in the Michigan Clean Waters Program which includes routine monitoring our lake for clarity and chemical content. Progressive Engineering, a professional Lake Manager, is retained to ensure we are properly maintaining all aspects of our lake. Multiple, methodical, consistent water samplings are completed at several locations on Lake Louise from Spring through the Fall, and have been analyzed for many years. Collected water samples are professionally analyzed by the Oakland County Health Division Lab. While the EPA considers acceptable levels for E-coli in marine waters at 35 CFN/100ml and swimming beaches at 88, all our measured samples, and specifically those taken at the dam outlet which feeds Kearsley Creek, have registered an E-coli reading under 10 MPN/100ml. Our most recent readings from September of 2019, were 5 or below. We are proud to make water maintenance of utmost importance for ourselves as well as those downstream from our lake.
Dwight Woodbridge,
Lakes Huff and Louise Homeowners Association

Halloween thank you
Dear Editor,
Thank you to the people who donated Halloween candy to the Village of Ortonville residents. This was very much appreciated. It was fun and enjoyable to see the smiling faces of so many children.
Sharon Van Dis

The Eleventh Of November
Dear Editor,
I had a friend. A soldier. Old.
His back was bent. His speech was slow.
His hair was white. I would stop to see his garden.
We would walk among the rows.
Both amazed how they would grow.
Some memories can’t be left to die.
We served together, he and I.
In different places. At different times.
We took an oath and put our lives out on the line.
His war was brown with muddy clay
And mine was green, a world away.
The duty and the honor was the same.
Eleventh month, he used to say.
Eleventh hour, eleventh day,
They shouldered arms and turned and marched away.
Believing that their work was done.
Great battles and the Great War won.
The battle for remembrance had only just begun.
But I always will remember the eleventh of November
When leaves are brown, the wind is turning cold.
I had a friend. A soldier. Old
Larry Van Reatherford

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