Letters to the Editor Oct. 1

Proposal 3
Get the facts: Vote No on the Reproductive Freedom for All!  Based on the “wording’’ of the proposed amendment, this initiative seeks to allow abortions up to, and including, the day of birth in our state constitution!  It seeks to eliminate dozens of Michigan laws that presently regulate abortion.  These include parent consent laws; laws that prohibit partial-birth abortion; informed medical consent laws; taxpayer funded abortions; laws that require abortion facilities to be licensed and inspected by the State of Michigan; laws that prosecute anyone who injures or kills a woman during an abortion; and laws that protect the conscience rights of persons who refuse to participate in abortion such as doctors and nurses.  It will also likely prohibit parental consent rights if your child wishes to pursue–or is being pressured into pursuing–medical procedures or chemical treatments intended to change the outward appearance of his or her biological sex.
At 7 p.m., Oct. 5, St. Joseph Catholic Church, 715 N. Lapeer Road, Lake Orion will host a question and answer discussion with panelists in the legal field about Roe & Proposal 3.
Sandra Fullmer
Brandon Township

(In response to, “M-15 road woes,” The Citizen, Sept. 24, page 1).
M-15 traffic solution
I read with interest the article about south bound M-15 being closed for 2 months during the replacement of the culvert for Duck Creek.  What really surprises me is why are they not using workers to handle traffic to alternate south bound and north bound traffic at the one lane road area?  They did it on Groveland Road, they did it further south on M-15 by Oak Hill Road, and they did it on Grange Hall Road.  What  makes this work different?  This seems to be the standard way to keep traffic flow moving and not upsetting the local neighborhoods by creating detours for the south bound traffic only.  Seems like a pretty simple solution to me.
Kathleen Russell
Brandon Township

Vote Wendy Wolcott
My name is Wendy Wolcott, and I am running for Mott Community College Board of Trustees and will appear on the non-partisan section of your ballot.
Here are some things about me to know before you vote: Wife and momma bear of five, Mott College alumnus; Genesee County Court officer; Appointed sworn child advocate by the circuit court; Voices for Children Member;Big Brother/ Big Sister Member and Active Sister and Genesee County Sheriff Office G.H.O.S.T Member.
I will fight for all students, staff and taxpayers on the Mott Community College Board of Trustees. I ask for your vote. Vote MCC: M for Momma Bear, C for Court Officer, and C for Child Advocate. Oakland County: Vote Wendy Wolcott for Mott Community College.
Wendy Wolcott
Candidate for Mott Community College board of trustees.

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