Letters to the editor Oct. 20

Vote Allen
Dear Editor,
I wanted to write and show my support for Sarah Allen, who is running for the Brandon School Board. I met Sarah years ago while volunteering with the Oakwood Elementary PTA. She is a dedicated employee, volunteer, Brandon School District mother, and friend.
Sarah, while working as a Brandon substitute teacher, observed that the Oakwood playground was much too small for the school’s population. She brought her concerns to the PTA and then spearheaded the massive project which included major fundraising, budgeting, project management and community involvement. Today, the playground is enjoyed by the even larger student body, all at zero cost to the district. Thank you, Sarah, for this tremendous effort.
Sarah’s degree in business administration gives her the tools to look at issues objectively and make important decisions. Her “can do” attitude and ability to think outside the box are valuable qualities for the Board. Our district faces many challenges. We need her creative thinking to find solutions that support teachers and improve our children’s education, all while operating on a balanced budget.
Please join me in voting for Sarah Allen on Nov. 6 (and on your absentee ballots).
Andrea Austin
Vote Eisiminger
Dear Editor,
When I first elected to the Brandon Board four years ago, my top priority was to help the unbelievable teaching staff that Brandon is blessed with. These teachers are essential to a quality education for our students. Brandon’s teachers took a brutal 7.5 percent pay cut a few years back, they had their steps frozen for several years and have taken several other big hits as a result of changes at the State-level. Having spent my career as an educator working to help kids, this really bothered me and I wanted to be part of the solution.
Four years later, the Brandon Board of Education has made considerable efforts to do right by our teachers but we still have work to do. We were able to do this by making tough decisions including the closure of alternative education, the reorganization of the district, the reduction of a number of administrative positions and more. Without these decisions, Brandon would still be bleeding the teaching talent that we must have to be successful. As the competition increases for teachers as a result of the State-wide teacher shortage and the higher wages offered in other communities, Brandon’s need to invest in its teacher is as high as ever.
In the end, I continue to weigh all of the factors that provide the best education possible for our students. There are pros and cons to each perspective, but what is certain is that these decisions cannot negatively affect Brandon’s teachers or students. Thank you for your time and support of the school district.
Bob Eisiminger
Vice President
Vote Rumball
Dear Editor,
I am urging all my fellow Brandon Township residents to join me in voting for Jayson W. Rumball for Brandon Township trustee. Jayson is a fine young man and devoted family man, with the experience that we can count on to lead this community. He is heavily involved in the community, on a personal and professional level, as a coach, business owner, Ortonville Masonic Lodge #339, Ortonville Lion’s Club president for the past two years and BGYA board member. I’m voting Rumball and I hope you will too.
Edward C. Albertson Sr.
Vote Rumball
Dear Editor,
Pursuing a political position, at any level, is a commitment to service. When you have an individual that has shown a consistent dedication to local service clubs, to community youth organizations, and volunteerism to local organizations, it makes the choice of candidates much easier when making a selection on Election Day. Jayson Rumball has demonstrated that dedication to service, and commitment to the community. On Nov, 6, 2018, I gladly support Jayson Rumball for the elected position of Trustee for Brandon Township.
Bob Marshall

Swamp a cesspool
Dear Editor,
Mike Bishop, you have been critical of Elisa Slotkin. Associating her with Nancy Polosi, will you now declare your allegiance with President Trump and Lindsay Graham? After their dispicable statement about Dr. Ford? Trump mocking her and Graham’s implying she is a drunken slut whore? All women should look in their souls about supporting the leaders of the Republican party. The swamp is now a cesspool. How sad!
Dale Bond
Vote Skornika, Robinson, Webb
Dear Editor,
Good Afternoon, I am proud to put my reputation on the line to endorse Colleen Skornika for Village President and Mark Robinson and James Webb for council trustees.
Colleen is a leader that will offer ideas to engage council together with the planning commission and DDA, something that has been missing for some time. She is open to new ideas and has no hidden agendas. Colleen has a proven record of getting the job done and has proven skill sets such as; Dedication, organization, detailed and task orientated and is budget conscious. She is not afraid to ask tough questions that others may pass on for the good of the village. Her experienced in small business ownership will bring fresh ideas for new business and walkability around town. Colleen was instrumental in taking the sewer decision to a resident vote that was overwhelming defeated.
Mark Robinson is new to council mid 2018. You would not have known this if have been watching council video / TV. Mark right away jumped into help council make decisions on some tough topics. He enjoys serving the village resident and is passionate to improving our Village. I see Mark as an asset and will work hard for the good of all residents.
James Webb is not new to the village. He is a long standing village resident and is not new to serving on council. As a senior citizen he will bring diversity and a perspective to council ideas that is sometimes overlooked. James is passionate and dedicated to improving the village. I look forward to working with James and learning from his vast experience. Overall James will work for the village residents and not just select few.
Dan Eschmann
Global government
Dear Editor,
Donald Trump is opposed to a World “global “Government. For this reason, the elitist, non partisan, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)), promoters of Global government, want Trump removed from office.
CFR member, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the 2016 election and continue the effort of the past 4 presidents toward a global government.
These globalists are conducting an all out effort, on every level, to destroy Trump.
Diane Feinstein (CFR) led the effort to stop Trumps nomination to the Supreme Court.
Billionaire, George Soros (CFR) is financing many of the anti-Trump rallies.
The Federal Reserve Board is dominated by CFR members, including chairman, Jerome Powell. The Federal Reserve Bank is raising interest rates at an alarming rate in order to slow the economy and stifle Trumps economic success.
Former Secretary of State, John Kerry (CFR) is trying to undermine Trumps anti- Iran policy. Kerry is urging Iran to wait until Trump leaves office to revive the Iran Nuclear deal. In 2009 Kerry’s daughter married an Iranian and their best man was, Javad Zarif, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs who negotiated with Kerry on the Iran Nuclear deal.
Obama appointed CFR members, former general, Douglas Lute and former Senator, Chuck Hagel, are in TV ads supporting Elissa Slotkin. Slotkin was recruited by Nancy Pelosi to return to Michigan to run for congress in an attempt to take over the House of Representatives. The ultimate Pelosi goal is to impeach Trump!
Walter Dilber
Vote Allen
Dear Editor,
Sarah Allen is an excellent candidate for the Brandon school board. I have seen her drive and dedication first hand on the Oakwood PTA. She will be a great asset and voice for our children.
Candy Mount

Vote Ciaramitaro, Moore
Dear Editor,
The Village of Goodrich recently selected a new DPW supervisor and should have a new Village Administrator in place before the end of the year. Let’s continue the wave of change in the Village and vote in the two new candidates for Village Council, Wendy Ciaramitaro and Sherry Moore. These two ladies will use common sense, respect and professionalism when dealing with the community and representing the Village at council meetings.
They will move forward toward progression and not continually bring up the past like candidate Doug McAbee has. They will work to help the entire community, not just their own subdivision (something current councilman and candidate Tim Barracco did when assigned a road paving project). They will welcome new ideas and not put up roadblocks and delays like current councilman and candidate Jacob Vick did with two Eagle Scout projects.
Wendy and Sherry want to contribute toward building a strong community where families will stay and raise their children and grandchildren. They want to bring balance to the Village council; something that is currently lacking. They are determined candidates that can be our wave of change in the Village. For more information visit their Facebook Pages: “Elect Sherry Moore for Goodrich Village Council” and “Wendy Ciaramitaro for Goodrich Village Council”.
If you want a positive, upbeat council that will work together, vote for Sherry Moore and Wendy Ciaramitaro.
Dorene Hogness
Vote Brice
Dear Editor,
I am writing today in support Village Council President candidate, Tonja Brice. As the former Village Clerk and longtime resident, I know Tonja Brice well and know she would be best suited to replace the outgoing President. Tonja has worked and raised a family within the Village and committed herself to community service as a Trustee since 2014. Whether working at the Brandon Township Library, Brandon Schools, local churches or hosting exchange students, she does so with integrity, respect and a complete dedication to her community. As a Village Trustee, she has worked hard to listen to not only the residents, but the business owners on what is needed to move the Village forward yet maintain the simplicity and charm that is unique to the area. Her conduct at meetings is always done so professionally, well thought out and in a manner that respects all involved. I encourage you as residents take the time to watch past taped Council meetings and watch her ability to be objective and fair comparable to others on the Council. Tonja does not let her emotions, wants, or personal agendas get in the way of conducting unbiased decision making for the Village. In my years of working within local government, I have yet to meet a person like Tonja that so truly and sincerely wants to do what is the best for the Community. I truly love the Village of Ortonville and would love to see honest growth and a Council that works together to make the best decisions for the Village, Tonja Brice is by far the best person to lead the Council in doing that. Please, when voting November 6, 2018, vote Tonja Brice for Village President!
Heidi Barckholtz
Former Village of Ortonville Clerk

Vote Prince

Dear Editor,
I am a wife. I am a mom. I am an educator. I am a proud union member. I am a voter.
I’m writing to express my support for Marisa Prince for Brandon Township Trustee.
Marisa has a keen sense for community and fostering a strong sense of belonging. She cares deeply for our resources and maintaining a safe community.
I find Marisa to be very open and transparent, and I know she’ll bring those virtues to the position of Trustee.
Marisa is compassionate and cares very deeply for those she comes in contact with. I think her experiences will bring new insight and energy to Brandon Township.
I wear many hats and know Marisa respects my roles. She’s a candidate that will do what she can to support me and my family.
Jennifer Curtis
Brandon Twp Resident
Vote Prince
Dear Editor,
I am endorsing Marisa Prince for Brandon Township Trustee. Because I served as township clerk, Marisa has been asking me questions. So many questions. She is driving me crazy with questions. But, that’s a good thing. I don’t want a public servant who thinks they know all the answers. I want someone like Marisa who constantly asks the questions in order to better serve and educate herself. Questions like: Could we do this less expensively without cutting quality of service? Would our residents be better served if we changed the way we did this? What is the best way to get input from the residents? How exactly do these laws impact our community? How do we stop the state legislature from enacting laws that hurt our township?
And don’t let the fact that she is running as a democrat impact your vote. In all the years I served, not one decision was ever debated or decided on party lines. At the local level, township board members are only concerned with what is best for their community and the people they serve. They care more about their constituents and township than party.
Marisa Prince is smart, dedicated to Brandon Township and willing to work hard in the best interest of her constituents. Visit her website at princeforbrandontrustee.com or email her at MarisaPrince@gmail.com.
Please vote for Marisa Prince on November 6th.
Jeannie McCreery,
former Brandon Township Clerk.
Vote Salter
Dear Editor,
Vote Salter for Brandon school board. She is cares about our kids and cares about the Brandon school district. She is conscientious, forward thinking, deeply concerned, highly informed and totally qualified.
A vote for Diane Salter is one of the best things you can do for all the students and parents and members of the Brandon School District.
John Auger
Vote Brice
Dear Editor,
After attending village meetings and reading village minutes of may, I feel the only clear choice for village president is Tonja Brice. I have witnessed how some elected officials have turned meetings into a three ring circus. While Tonja has remained calm and willing to listen to others. She has listed to the village residents and I believe will continue to do so instead of pushing the agenda of a few.
She actually took the time to reply to the League of Women Voters Oakland Area questionnaire. I would recommend you look it up and read it. In her answers, she stated ‘increasing the desirability of our community.’ Also, ‘preserving the past while enhancing the future of Ortonville.’ Sounds like the person I want running our village.
Support Brice 4 Pres- the qualified choice.
Luann Sutton Mann
Vote Allen
Dear Editor,
Vote for Sarah Allen for Brandon School district board of education on November 6th.
I’m supporting Sarah because she is an active and respected member of the community. I have worked with her at the Summer Dreams dahlia farm in Brandon Township. She is hard working and creative. She bases her decisions on facts not emotions. She will be an excellent addition to the Brandon School district board of education.
Lynn Leschuk
Vote Brice, Hayden
Dear Editor,
For the past 10 years I have served the community as a Village Council Trustee or Village Planning Commissioner. Now, I have been asked to share my thoughts on the upcoming election by residents, because of my experience. Many residents do not attend or watch the Village meetings, and depend on individuals that have knowledge of the candidates for their information in election decisions. Trust me when I say, we HAVE to make changes to this current Village Council.
There are certain things I expect from our Village Council members. I expect Council Members to not abuse their authority, to allow taxpayers to voice their opinions and concerns without being retaliated against, and to treat employees of the Village offices, Village Planning Commission, DPW and DDA with RESPECT. To also treat residents and business owners of the Village with RESPECT, to show up for meetings, to read, research and be prepared for meetings, to not use the position to further personal hidden agendas against the wishes of the community, and not waste my hard earned dollar.
For these reasons, I will be casting my vote for TONJA BRICE for Ortonville Village President and LARRY HAYDEN for Ortonville Village Trustee. Both Tonja and Larry are very deserving of these positions with a proven track record over the years. It is time our Village starts to move in a more positive direction. I am confident that these two candidates will help us accomplish this goal. I encourage you to cast your vote for representatives who represent YOU.
Melanie Nivelt
former Village Council Member, Planning Commissioner and Community Volunteer

Vote Rumball
Dear Editor,
I’m writing to my fellow citizens from Brandon Township, urging you to support and vote for Jayson Rumball in the November 6th, 2018 general election. Jayson is running for a Trustee position on the Brandon Township Board, a position he has held in the past. I had the pleasure of working with Jayson while a member of the Township Board and found him to be bright, articulate, motivated and an elected official that cares about and does what is right for our community. As a past Brandon Township Supervisor and Trustee, I urge you to support Jayson and show your support by electing him to the Brandon Township Board of Trustees.
Ronald Lapp
Vote Brice
Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter in support of Tonja Brice as president of the Village of Ortonville. After watching for some time, the two candidates for that office, I feel Tonja is by far the best choice, as she seems to care about our village the way I do and many others. So join me on November 6th and vote for Tonja, it’s the right thing to do.
Ron Sutton
No taxation without
Dear Editor,
When did society go so wrong?
There is a vote coming up to maintain an unfair tax on non-homestead property.
That’s business owners and real property owners in our community.
I am not a non-homestead property owner.
But it’s ok because it won’t affect my taxes. When did it become ok to vote for a tax on your neighbors?
I don’t know the numbers but I bet we have them outnumbered 200 to 1. Or so.
If they don’t live in the township they probably can’t vote at all !
Reasons behind the Revolutionary War
The colonists felt that since they did not take part in voting for members of Parliament in England they were not represented in Parliament. So Parliament did not have the right to take their money by imposing taxes. “No taxation without representation” became the American rallying cry.
Isn’t that very definition of bullying picking on some one that can’t defend themselves?
I wonder if our teachers will take the opportunity to work this in to their lesson plan?
I think we should increase taxes on people that think its ok to impose a tax on someone else.
Scot Wolfe
Vote Moore
Dear Editor,
My name is Sherry Moore and I am running for Goodrich Village Council, because I love this community. First, I have been networking door to door and would like to thank the people I met for taking the time to talk with me. It was very important to me to introduce myself in person, and have met so many wonderful people in this village. I truly appreciate being welcomed into their homes to discuss their interests and concerns. I have always planned on running for village council and feel that now is the right time.
I volunteered in the schools until the kids were out of grade school. I have also helped at many community events over the years. These include raising money for the schools and helping with fundraising, for people in need in our community.
I am a high school graduate and have some college, as well. My employment background is in the medical and advertising fields. I would be greatly honored and privileged to serve the Village of Goodrich. My character is one of dependability, decisiveness and determination. I am pragmatic and comprehensive in my decision making. It is significant to me to hear the concerns of the people, and represent their voice in the community. I believe in making positive changes and helping businesses thrive for the betterment of the community. It is my hope that Goodrich will be a place where our children and grandchildren will be proud to raise their families. I strive for unity and progress in this great community. Thank you for your consideration.
Sherry Moore
Candidates need to speak straight to constituents
Dear Editor,
While going through the mail the past few weeks I have noticed an absurd amount of campaign literature for congressional candidate Elissa Slotkin. One Headline in a recent mailer caught my attention: “Elissa Slotkin- American for Congress!” I am about to offer a bit of knowledge that will amaze both Ms. Slotkin and her many supporters: in order to serve in Congress, you have to be an American Citizen! This means that all members of Congress (regardless of party affiliation) are Americans! It is time for Slotkin to cease with blind emotion in her campaigning and actually give straight responses to issues in her mailers (and television advertisements) on how she would deal with issues and legislation. Believe it or not, she needs to realize there is more to our government than healthcare. If not she should end her carpetbagging campaign (a term most of her supporters probably have no comprehension of) and return to Washington D.C. to her elitist lifestyle. I could care less what party a candidate belongs to; what I care about is their ability to give direct answers and not hide under political momentum and emotion-based statements.
Jacob Cornea
Vote Brice
Dear Editor,
I am writing in support of Tonja Brice for Village President because I believe that she truly has the best interests of the village at heart. She is for the village because she listens to the residents to see how it can be a better place to live in, work in, and serve the community in.
Aimee L.
Vote Skornicka
Dear Editor,
What we should value most in selecting our next Village President is one that will not be afraid to uphold Village ordinances and make decisions based on majority. Coleen Skornicka handles Villagers concerns by thoroughly checking out all sides, listening to people and asking questions before an emotional, rash decision is made. Let us all remember how fortunate we are to live in a democracy which means “rule of majority”. I believe Coleen Skornicka remembers that our officials are elected by the majority, not by the few that believe rules do not apply to them. We need a strong Village President that is not afraid to do the right thing. This person is Coleen Skornicka.
Carol Dietrich
Vote Brice
Dear Editor,
I am writing to show my support of Tonja Brice for Village Council President! I greatly appreciate how Tonja is willing to work with the DDA, the Planning Commission, and Brandon Township to better our community.
I also appreciate that Tonja values the opinions of village residents and takes the time to acknowledge them. I have emailed several current members, including her opponent and not received so much as a ”Thank you.” from them. This shows me that they do not care about my opinion, and makes me question if they care about any other resident’s opinions either. I have personally witnessed her opponent vote against what the village residents want and have repeatedly asked for. Having council members that do not listen to their residents is bad enough, I can not imagine what will happen if the Village President is not listening. I believe that change is needed to make the Village of Ortonville a place in which I want to continue to raise my family.
We need council members that have an open mind and value the opinion of their residents, who vote them into office. They should answer to us, not the other way around. I believe that Tonja is the best choice for Village Council President!
Sarah Hamlin
Vote Prince
Dear Editor,
Please join me in the next election and vote for Marisa Prince for Brandon Township Trustee.
As a Brandon resident Marisa has reached out to many residents to listen to our concerns and offer creative solutions. Marisa is a caring, compassionate, hardworking individual who is willing to listen to all the sides of an issue. I believe Marisa will be a true advocate for all of the Brandon community and will bring unique and innovate solutions as a Brandon Township Trustee.
I wish her the very best on November 6th and urge my friends and neighbors to cast their vote for Marisa Prince!
Patricia Pierce
Vote for Eisiminger
Dear Editor,
I am writing to endorse Bob Eisiminger for one of the Brandon School District’s Board Member vacancies. Bob was a long time school teacher and coach. He has extensive practical experience of what works academically in our classrooms and athletic programs. He is also an ardent supporter of technology and the arts in the district. He is a good listener and is able to make the tough decisions when necessary. Bob is a team player and definitely a valuable asset for the Brandon School Board.
Patrick George

Thank you Ortonville
Dear Editor,
I am blessed to have served the Village of Ortonville as your President for the past eight years. I am truly gratified by the outpouring of input from our residents and business owners during my tenure. During this time, council has conducted exhaustive studies on several sensitive topics. These evaluations were conducted in order to help make the Village of Ortonville the VERY BEST that it can be. I humbly thank each and every one of you for your involvement no matter what side of an issue you may have supported.
The time has now come for me to pass the torch to a new leader, one who truly cares for our ENTIRE community. Indeed, one who values BOTH residential and business interests equally. One who is decisively firm and thorough in the evaluation of EVERY topic which is germane to the betterment of Ortonville.
I am therefore wholeheartedly in support of Tonja Brice in her efforts to become my successor as Village President over the next two year term.
Tonja is of strong moral character, who recognizes the power of faith in our personal, business and community affairs. She values a strong village manager, clerk and treasurer; the team we now have. And she especially values our hard working DPW staff.
Tonja is humbly asking for, and is deserving of, YOUR personal vote to become our next Village President on November 6, 2018.
Wayne M. Wills
President, Village of Ortonville, 2010-2018
Vote Brice
Dear Editor,
I have been an active member of this community for over 23 years from OCEF and Creekfest, to being a church, school and scouting board member. I wholeheartedly support the DDA, DPW, school district, BGYA, the Township, and community groups. I am honored to have spent time through the years with Ruth Johnson, Mike Spisz, and other Michigan political figures working with community projects, improvements, and recognition. I am a member of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (a nonpartisan advocacy), and I have engaged in a variety of Michigan Municipal League training.
My passion is serving others: as a Village Trustee, Planning Commissioner, and Village Personnel Committee member. Additionally, I am a Brandon Township Election Inspector, work in the library, the school district, and as a church secretary. If I am not working in our community, you will see me volunteering at many of our community events. I am approachable, genuine, organized, honest, and thorough. I believe in complete accountability and transparency to our community.
As voters, you have the opportunity to research the candidate that best fits the ideals of Ortonville to preserve the past, while enhancing the future. Please consider the voting records of candidates on important issues that have directly affected our community. All of the Village meeting videos and minutes can be viewed at www.ortonvillevillage.com. For more information on all candidates for the Village of Ortonville visit The Citizen, The League of Women Voters- Oakland Area, The Detroit Free Press Voter Guide, The Oakland County Times, and Brice4Pres on Facebook.
I am requesting that you vote BRICE FOR VILLAGE PRESIDENT for someone who will continue to be committed to working hard together with you, your tax dollars, and your community!
Tonja Brice
Vote Allen
Dear Editor,
I am writing you to show my support for Sarah Allen for School Board.
I have known Sarah for several years and find she is totally committed to the
well being of her own children as well as the programs within the Brandon
She is honest, hard working and super creative. I have never seen her back off
of any task she takes on.
Brandon students and parents would be extremely fortunate in having Sarah
represent them on the School Board. Please vote for Sarah Allen.
Catherine Genovese
Vote Skornicka
Dear Editor,
Coleen Skornicka deserves your vote to become the next president of the Ortonville Village Council. Coleen’s conservative approach to spending has saved our tax payers money. Money that can be spent in ways that ALL residents can benefit. She considers all points of issues and makes decisions based on facts. This is leadership. Our village will move forward by having a strong and steadfast village president, Coleen Skornicka.
Mark Butzu

Police millage replacement
Dear Editor,
This November we are asking the electorate to replace the existing police millage of “up to 4.25 mills” with the same amount of mills. The only difference between the question on this November’s ballot and the one that was approved in 2014 is the length of the millage. The term has been extended from 5 years to 8 years. If we did not extend the term it would be called a renewal. We are currently levying 3.8 mills for police and the Township Board has expressed an interest in keeping it at that rate or even lower.
The reason we are asking for 4.25 mills is because of the Headlee Reduction Fraction that can permanently reduce the maximum mills allowed every year. In 1992 voters renewed the police millage of 4.0 mills for a term of 20 years. In 1996 voters renewed an additional police millage of .7689 mills. Before both of these millages expired in December of 2013, the Headlee Fraction reduced them down from a combined amount of 4.7689 mills to a combined amount of 3.5286 mills. If the 4.25 millage rate is approved on November 6th, we should not have to ask the voters for an additional police millage due to the effects of the Headlee Reduction.
Kathy Thurman, Brandon
Township supervisor
Vote McAbee, Vick, Barraco
Dear Editor,
We are asking for your support when voting on the November 6, 2018 ballot. Together we are united in a common goal, to tie Goodrich back together. There are several key elements our community wants to ensure are protected while balancing a prosperous small-business district.
Our goal is to continue moving forward with improvements that create an environment where healthy discussions with factual information can be restored. Improving the dialogue with the residents is vital in working towards addressing the big issues such as roads, drains, parks, and even the Mill Pond dam.
Our Village Council needs to function without biased or personal agendas any longer. Opposing views are healthy for a democracy as long as our leadership is working to mend instead of divide. That is the type of strong leadership we wish to continue providing the Village of Goodrich.
Tim Barraco, Doug McAbee, Jacob Vick

Vote Allen

Dear Editor,

As we come upon the election on November 6th, I’d like to share with my fellow Brandon voters why I’m endorsing Sarah Allen for School Board Trustee.

In the short time I’ve known Sarah, I’ve learned if nothing else, how much she truly cares about this school district and our kids. She’s goes above and beyond, always, and I mean always giving 110% and fighting for what she believes in. I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Oakwood Elementary PTA board for two years, her as treasurer and myself as president. I can’t say enough about her go getter attitude, her zest for life and encouragement of our kids, making sure everyone’s needs are met, and her want, will and determination to see things through, never dropping the ball. From big things like the spearheading and undertaking of a huge playground project at Oakwood, to the little things, like making sure no 5th grader is left behind on a bike tour on the 5th grade Mackinaw field trip, she’s thoughtful, considerate, all encompassing, passionate and loving of all kids.

She has a stake here in Brandon. With two small children both in elementary, she’s here for the long haul. If there is ever a time to serve on the school board, now is her time. She is dedicated to this position to not only better Brandon for her own children, but future generations of children in this district. She has spent countless hours, canvassing, campaigning, answering surveys, and meeting members of the community at Septemberfest.

In closing, I’ll finish with this. Sarah is one of the warmest, funniest, most educated people I’ve met, with a passion to give back, and to fight for our kids and our public school system. With having served on the PTA board, spent hours substituting, and even more hours volunteering in our district, I can assure you, she will get whatever job that needs getting done, done for our kids!

Stephanie Elowsky