Letters to the editor Sep. 8

Drive 4 UR School 

Dear Editor,
Randy Wise Ford is gracious enough to donate money to the Goodrich Baseball Team every year by allowing us to participate in the Drive 4 UR School program. Each spring, Goodrich parents came to the high school and test drove the Ford of their choice. For every driver we received $20 from Ford that will be used for field improvements and equipment. We will be participating next spring and would encourage anyone to stop by if they see the signs in the front parking lot advertising the program. It’s an easy way to help out the school and we would appreciate any and all support from our community.
I would also like to thank the parents that participated along with Joe Greene, manager of Randy Wise Ford, 968 South Ortonville Road, Ortonville.
Greene along with his team have been a strong supporter of Goodrich and Brandon Athletics for many years. We can’t thank Randy Wise and Greene enough.
Bob Foreback, Goodrich varsity baseball coach

Tailgating beast
Dear Editor,
I would like to send a letter in the newspaper about tailgating. It would say something like this.
One day me and my sisters were cruising down Oakwood Road with my mom. Suddenly, my mom said, ‘Hey, what they heck?’ Me and my sisters said, “What happened?”
Someone had tailgated my mom.
So what’s the deal with with everyone tailgating? Each week mostly. So if you have tailgated on Oakwood Road, turn yourself in. Because there is no point in tailgating if you need to get around places fast, live on the highway! That is all I wanted to say you “tailgating beast.”
Addie P., age 9

(In response to Primary election, The Citizen, Aug. 25, page 6)
Voter card correction
Dear Editor,
In my letter to the editor in the Aug. 25 edition, I stated that new voter identification cards in precincts #1 and #2 would be mailed out in September. This information is incorrect as the cost would be over $2,400 and not necessary.
Precinct #1 and #2 voters will still go to the Brandon High School but park in the very back of the building and enter into the cafeteria. Follow the signs from M-15 and the driveway.
Please register to vote by Oct. 9 if are not already registered, in order to vote and have YOUR voice heard on Nov. 6. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Clerk’s office at 248-627-2851.
Candee Allen
Brandon Township Clerk
SAD Administrative Fee – Lake Louise
Dear Editor
I have been a resident of Lake Louise 21 years, having been an active part of every activity (Township or HOA-related) related to lake management, and the recent discussion/debate over the Township’s assignment of a 7% administrative fee to cover the Brandon Township Treasurer’s office labor for the Lake Louise SAD is both absurd and ridiculous. There has been no data to support the seemingly random percentage, nor has there been any benchmarking done by the Township Planning Board to generate an appropriate, justifiable, and reasonable administrative fee. On the contrary, the Lake Louise HOA board has presented, several times, a significant amount of data using comparable all-sports lakes from the surrounding sister townships that have aquatic nuisance weed control programs involving a SAD – most of which are at least 80% less than what Brandon Township Planning Board proposes.
Of the data presented, there are 3 all-sports lakes (Springfield Township) that have similar parcel quantities, in which their Treasure’s office only uses 20 hrs. per year to facilitate the SAD tasks. From the roles/responsibilities identified for the SAD tasks, the Lake Board (which Lake Louise has since its inception over 25 years ago) does 50% of the work required, thus leaving the Brandon Township Treasurer’s office to execute the remaining 50%. If Ms. Darnell claims she requires 100 hrs. per year to do those tasks, then by default then the Lake Louise Lake Board also does 100 hrs. of work – which is not true. Ms. Darnell, either a) your team is lacking appropriate skill sets necessary to do the job and passing the buck to us to absorb your inefficiencies, or b) you don’t understand how best to execute those tasks. In either case, the ideal solution is not to raise our taxes (a la admin fee reducing the available funding for the aquatic nuisance control program, which also impacts Kearsley Creek downstream) but rather benchmark other municipalities and implement lean standardized processes – thus, working for us not against us. As an elected official, the demeaning and condensing manner Ms. Darnell exhibits in pushing back to the Lake Louise HOA, is unacceptable, discourteous, and unprofessional.
Trustees Mr’s Broughton and Marshall, as trustees of Brandon Township please recall that your role is to work for us. I am disappointed in your lack of time to prepare for the meeting by reviewing the SAD benchmarking data from other all-sports lakes meticulously assembled and presented several times by the Lake Louise HOA team. I fail to identify an excuse for you coming to the board meeting unprepared and your lack of commitment in doing your job to the residents of Lake Louise is appalling. More time is wasted debating the topic rather than moving forward making a decision supported by factual data.
I refuse to support/endorse an admin fee that the Township board intends to instate/establish, as the residents of Lake Louise continue to eefficiently apply the appropriate oversight, historically working well with prior Brandon Township officials, administering the aquatic nuisance weed control program since the inception of the Lake Louise SAD.
Alicia DiGirolamo