Letters to the Editor Sept. 10, 2022

Wolfe Road
The illegal Truck traffic on Wolfe Road has been increasing all summer.
Over three-12 hour periods, I have recorded 146 trucks using Wolfe Road. Thirteen of these were semi-trucks, many other trucks used the road several times each.  It is about time our enforcement and regulatory agencies acknowledge and accept that this is both a road maintenance and a safety issue.
No, these are not mom and pop pickups or small trucks that some small business has stuck a logo on the door. These are all marked as established larger companies and or special purpose work trucks.
Yes, I understand that a truck within the weight limits can enter Wolfe Road from either direction in order to access an address on the road.  However, there are only 25 neighbors on the road and we all have a pretty good idea that there is no heavy construction, supermarket, or beer store on the road.
Obviously enforcement cannot be on the road for long periods, but some would surely help.  Additionally a little effort spent relocating the “No Trucks” signs to Grange Hall and M-15 so they can be seen BEFORE a driver actually turns onto Wolfe Road giving him a chance to pick an alternate route.
Kip Bonds, Ortonville

OCEF Thank you
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We cannot thank you enough for your kindness. Please know how grateful we are to everyone who so generously donated school supplies and gave of their time to our OCEF 2022 School Supply Project. We would like to thank the Ortonville Eastern Stars Chapter #286, all of the area churches, Bueche’s Food World, Brandon Township Public Library, Full Scope Eye Care, The Citizen newspaper and the members of our community who contributed so generously to this project.
With your generous support we were able to provide school supplies to the children of our OCEF clients. Because of you, our students can experience a positive start to their school year.
Again, thank you for making their day. The 2022 School Supply Team

Abortion proposal
Those who would take away our Constitutional rights are trying to destroy our form of government by deflecting the issues from the failure of their socialistic programs to the abortion issue.
Since abortion became legal, in 1973, there have been 63 million children killed, not by a maniac, but, these children have been eliminated by their own parent. This is more killings committed by Hitler and Stalin combined!
Since Roe v Wade was approved in 1973 many birth control pills and devices have come to the market which can prevent pregnancy. This should end the need for abortion.
Less than 1 percent of abortions are due to rape or incest. It’s easy to conclude that abortion is,usually, used as a means of birth control.
Most rapes are not caused by a total stranger but by somebody known to the victim such as date rape. Yes, the woman should be protected if she immediately reports the rape.
The example given by pro-abortion forces for incest exemptions is, an adult impregnating a related minor. This is criminal weather the minor is related or not! What about 2 consenting adults who are related, should related, consenting, adults be given a special exemption? I don’t think so!
The Michigan ballot proposal may allow an abortion until a baby’s first breath. This should be defeated!
Walt Dilber, Groveland

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