Letters to the Editor Sept. 26, 2020

(In response to “Seek the truth,” a letter by Dan Eschmann, The Citizen, Sept. 12, page 6)
The real truth
Dear Editor,
Our community was asked to believe that three Village trustees up for election are looking out for our tax dollars. They scrutinize small items like phone stipends and reimbursements to our staff and DPW that are necessary for the efficient operation of our Village to show they are responsible about spending. But the same Trustees on multiple occasions have attempted actions during our meetings in violation of our Rules of Procedure and Michigan law resulting in attorney fees for opinions on their actions.
Another expense caused by these Trustees is that almost every Special Meeting called in the past two years other than for budget or Master Plan were called for by these “responsible” trustees for topics they want to push past council. Perhaps they hope to avoid too much advance public notice and public input by not addressing these in a regular Council meeting.
These Council members also avoid advance notice by waiting until the regular meeting starts and then adding agenda items. There is no advance notice or any information on these items, but for some reason these three Trustees appear to be ready to take action before any discussion has occurred. How can they be so well prepared when the rest of Council had no notice?
I also want our residents to seek the real truth behind the actions of these trustees. We need to be represented by people that do their best to be both fiscally responsible and embrace public input.
Larry Hayden
(In response to, “Joe’s the man,” a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Sept. 19, page 6)
A feel good vote
Dear Editor,
According to Bonnie Beltramo’s reasoning, Joe Biden is qualified to be president because he is a nice guy who has overcome tragedies and challenges in his life. Some view me as a nice guy and I too have lost a child to cancer but that does not mean you should vote for me for the highest office in the land.
Ms. Beltramo is asking us to cast a “feel-good vote before getting Joe Biden’s position on several serious issues.
Will ordinary “Joe” have the U.S. rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on Global Warming? If so, the U.S. will be tasked to make significant adjustments to our energy requirements in a short period of time, while China and India will have until 2030 to start their program. Will ordinary “Joe” rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal? Will ordinary “Joe” repeal President Trump’s tax cuts? Will ordinary “Joe” drop sanctions on Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba? Will ordinary “Joe” stop fracking which would affect our energy independence. Will ordinary “Joe” support the new green deal with a price tag pf $93 trillion (per Nonpartial Congressional Budget Office).
The United States has already had an ordinary “Joe” as President and that was Jimmy Carter. A peanut farmer from Georgia who gave us double digit inflation, fuel shortages and long lines at gas stations and American hostages being imprisoned by Iran for 444 days. President Carter was a decent man but not a capable president.
Ms. Beltramo should stop voting with her feelings and instead vote with her brain.
Richard Saroli

Vote Kowall
Dear Editor,
I would like to ask the Brandon/Groveland/Oxford communities to support Mike Kowall for County Executive. Mike understands the needs of Townships compared to his opponent who is from the city.
Mike has fought, and won, against the current Administration’s plan to raise the average homeowner’s taxes by $1,020.00 per year for a transit plan that would bring no benefit to our residents. Mike will maintain fiscal restraint, and responsibility. Please visit Kowallforoakland.com to learn more about Mike Kowall’s positions on the issues.
Kathy Thurman, Brandon Township Supervisor
2020 Census
Dear Editor
Time is running out to respond to the 2020 census. We still have over 500 residences that are unreported.
The census is used to determine the amount of federal funds that will come back to our community to support clinics, schools, roads, public services and hundreds of other critical services and programs that make a difference in our lives every day. It is used to redraw legislative districts and to determine the number of seats our state has in the U.S. House of Representatives.
You can respond online at www.2020census.gov, or by phone at (844) 330-2020. It is your civic duty to respond. Your responses to the 2020 Census are safe, secure, and protected by federal law.
The census will never ask for Social Security numbers, bank information, credit card numbers, donations, or anything related to political parties. Please encourage your friends and relatives to get counted.
Kathy Thurman, Brandon Township Supervisor

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