Letters to the editor September 1

Thank you Voters
Dear Editor,
To the 1100+ voters who chose me in August for Brandon Trustee Partial Term, Thank you ! I will work hard between now and November 6th to retain your confidence. A special “thank you” to those who have donated time and money towards my efforts to represent you. My goals remain the same : provide a fresh perspective, encourage an inclusive decision-making process, and provide a careful stewardship of resources – I am thrifty in my own life and I will be with our tax dollars as well. I plan to meet as many voters as I can between now and 11/6. The Brandon Clerk’s office stands ready and willing to assist Brandon residents with the election process and your voting options. I look forward to high turnout in November – I love living in Brandon Township and I look forward to representing all Brandon voters as Trustee.
Marisa Prince
Haters gotta hate
(In response to Wich hunt, a letter by Sylvia Runyon, The Citizen, Aug. 25, page 7)
Dear Editor,
Ms. Runyon……Thank You so much for your underwhelming comments last week regarding President Trump. I guess if you wanted to be your usual nasty self you could have described it as a bad comb-over but it’s definitely NOT a hairpiece. It figures..Haters gotta Hate. You then go into some crazy tangent about looking in a mirror. Like I said underwhelming and unimaginative. However since you brought up the subject of witch hunt let’s discuss our current U.S Senator Debbie Stabanow who is up for re-election this November. Much like that groundhog who pops his head out each February we have had a Stabanow sighting! Has anyone else noticed that in the last 18 years of representing us Sen. Stabanow only shows up around election time every 6 years asking for her job to continue. Let’s take a quick peek. In 18 years she has authored (or co-authored) 9 bills. Yep, that’s 1 every 2 years! What a work dynamo! Oh, by the way, 7 of those 9 bills were to rename an existing federal building! She has voted 95% of the time backing Chuck Schummer and that includes the recent tax cuts, Obamacare reform….you name it she votes the way Schummer tells her. And I thought she worked for us. Our other choice is to vote for her challenger, J.. Jones. Mr. Jones is a combat veteran (Apache attack Helicopter pilot) successful businessman, several other accomplishments AND more importantly he is not a career politician. One other thing that I recall. Back several months ago during the Mi. State gymnastics fiasco she had a press conference regarding same. She however DID NOT speak. Instead she had another female Senator (maybe a representative) make a statement for her all the while she stood in the backround doing her best bobblehead impersonation (per usual). It was pitiful! She does not make the slightest attempt to represent us and it’s time she’s retired!
Paul S. Lucas

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  1. WW Kuma   August 31, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    Thanks Paul! That was a brilliant letter about Mr. Jones, and your spot on comments about part time bad comedian, part time bad author, full time pain like a bunion, Ms. Runyan. Its high time someone replace Debbie the Leech. She follows the party of treason, lies, and communism. People like Debbie are like Ms. Runyans opinions, complete trash.


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