Locals rally for GHS discus cage upgrade

By David Fleet
Area track and field athletes that have an interest in throwing the discus are now much safer thanks to the efforts of some local businesses.
The concept of the discus throw is when an athlete stands inside a circle which is surrounded on three sides by a cage. The athlete must stay within the 8.3 feet diameter circle and throw the discus (2.2 pound for high school girls and 3.5 pounds for boys) as far as possible. The velocity and trajectory of the discus is important not only for the measurement but also the safety of bystanders and the thrower.
Al Warden, Goodrich Track and Field Coach said the existing cage presented safety concerns due to its age and construction.
“We needed a new cage that would absorb errant throws and reduce the discus exit area from 20 feet to 15 feet,” said Warden. “However, the cost exceeded $6,000 for the replacement.”
Warden expressed the need for the new cage and several community members stepped up for the job.
Bruce Edwards and Mark McCallum from Goodrich Schools removed the old cage; Brown’s Do-It-Center donated a skid steer and post hole digger, Norm Cadarette of C & C Construction operated the equipment. Goodrich based Ken’s Redi-Mix supplied the concrete for the posts, about 10 students and several parents also participated in the project. The cost was cut to about $2,700.
Currently, the Goodrich Martian school record discus throw is held by Jake Wilson at 157 feet-7 inches and JoAnne Carter 122 feet-5 inches.

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