Margo Gilbert, Ms. McMahan’s 6th Grade class

Farewell to My Fletcher Family

 Margo Gilbert, Ms. McMahan’s 6th Grade class

 The halls of Brandon Fletcher have withstood many stampeding feet.  Those feet are connected to only a fraction of the people who will miss the school.  With the school closing down, the whole district is changed.  It doesn’t matter how long of a time they had in the school, or even if they never stepped foot inside the building.  Every single person, including me, will still miss it dearly.

People have different memories from inside the school walls, but I only know how to share mine.  I can remember clearly, the anticipation and nerves of moving up from elementary school.  The worry about forgetting my locker combination; I practiced and practiced and memorized, and memorized. At the end of my first day, the anxieties and concerns were a distant memory and I couldn’t wait to continue taking steps on my very own Brandon Fletcher Journey.

When I think about what I will miss most about this school, I think about the funny and amazing teachers and how they have impacted my joy of learning.  For example, when Ms. Hogan decided to put me and some of my friends into a Math Challenge Group so we would stay passionate about learning – I grew to love math!

I think about the comforting staff who reminded me everything was okay in scary situations.  When I was in 4th Grade I ran through the haunted locker room and came out trembling with fear. With quick action, Mrs. Bogner came to help and assured me that it was all fake and it was just parents and former students dressed in costumes to make a fun and thrilling activity.

I also think of the wonderful bonds I made with teachers, staff and the other students.  I was so lucky to spend 3 wondrous years in this school.  I am certain that I will reflect on my many experiences with smiles and joy, and expect to continue to draw knowledge from the lessons I have learned here.

It is hard for me to choose just one thing that I will miss.  I will simply say I will miss the family that had grown inside the Brandon Fletcher walls.