Martians bowlers eke out heart-stopping win

By Matt Mackinder
Special to the Citizen
Grand Blanc — The Goodrich boys bowling match Dec. 15 against Clio at Grand Blanc Lanes was one that anybody in attendance witnessed won’t soon forget.
After the two Baker games, where multiple bowlers combine to bowl one game, and two individual games, the Martians and Mustangs finished tied 15-15.
Two more Baker games to try and snap the tie wasn’t the answer as the teams remained tied after Goodrich lost the first by one pin and won the second by one pin. The next tiebreaker was the teams to bowl the ninth and 10th frames.
Yep, tied again.
The teams went to the third tiebreaker, which was to bowl frames six through 10, and Goodrich ended the match just after 10 p.m. The match started at 6:30 p.m.
In the 10th frame of the third tiebreaker, Clio’s Evan Brilinski missed a 10-pin spare. Goodrich junior Noah Colgan then made his 10 pin and buried his fill ball for a strike to win the match 72-64.
“That night will be something I will never forget,” said first-year GHS coach Jeff Acton. “It’s a coach’s dream to take part in competitive matches like that. One second you could hear a needle drop but as soon as a bowler struck or made a spare, the environment was electric with roars from the bowlers and spectators. My main goal was to keep my bowlers focused with the task at hand and enjoy the moment. Spare shooting is something I preach every day at practice, and it was that exact thing that won us the match.
“Noah came up clutch for us to win. I couldn’t be more proud of this team. That match will prove that even though we are a younger team, we have tons of potential and will be a successful program in the Flint Metro League.”
Colgan said winning the match was all about confidence.
“I knew what I had to do,” said Colgan. “The team has been practicing spares so when the strikes didn’t fall, I had confidence In myself to pick up the spares. I pretended it was a normal game, relaxed, and focused on my throws. The win felt amazing because I saw the practice we put in show during the game.”
Goodrich senior Ethan Mackinder had the team’s high series that night with 435 (235, 200), while junior Tyler Ledbetter rolled a 204, and Colgan chipped in with a 429 series (221, 208). Sophomore Weston Birmingham struck out in the 10th frame to defeat his opponent, Gibson Collar, by one pin, 190-189, in the second individual game.
“Weston doesn’t get all three there, we lose,” Acton said. “That frame was huge for us.”
The Martians are off until Jan. 12 when they play Holly back at Grand Blanc Lanes.

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