Mill pond spraying OK’d by council

By David Fleet
Goodrich-On Monday night the village council voted 5-0 to spray the mill pond for weeds.
The council approved $4,175, to treat the mill pond up to two times in the 2019 season for higher aquatics and algae. The first treatment, by Swartz Creek based Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control, Inc. will be done sometime in late May early June depending on plant growth and weather. If the second treatment is needed the cost will be $3,475.
Council member Doug McAbee suggested that a funding source to spray the mill pond for weeds be found.

“I’d like to bring this up again at budget time—it’s kind of a hot issue,” said McAbee. “I like the pond and think we should maintain it, we all share it. I’m getting some feed back (from residents). I’d like to discuss that. I’ll vote in the affirmative. I’d like to go after another source of funding.”
Last year the village council had suggested a discussion regarding a possible special assessment charged to pond residents for the spraying. As a result, a petition was submitted to the council signed by mill pond residents in opposition the assessment.
The weeds are sprayed on only a part of the mill pond that can be navigated. In 2016 the council voted 4-1 in a special meeting to spray the mill pond for weeds. It was the first application since 2013.