Mill Street paving project will extend to village limits

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville- On April 25, the village council approved 6-1 to accept a bid from Diamond Excavating for $205,260 to resurface and improve Mill Street from Church Street to the Ortonville Village limits. Council member Pat George voted against the motion.
“This holistic approach will address the water that collects on the road surface currently, and will result in a total resurface of the asphalt on this stretch of Mill Street and Hummer Lake Road,” said village manager Ryan Madis. “Cleaned out culverts and ditches along this stretch of road will improve conditions.”
The bin includes extra tonnage of asphalt to raise the crown of the road to help with water run-off.
“The DPW has done an admirable job maintaining the road for the last many years, as shown by all the cold patch and hand dug places where water collects or flows now,” said Madis. “Newer roads require less salt in the winter and are easier to maintain during the warm months, and completing this project will allow our DPW to focus efforts on other projects more regularly.”
This project has been on the budget for 2021, and has been needed for many years to address the issue of standing water in the low points on the road.
“This project will address these needs and create a more safe and driveable road surface for the long-term,” said Madis. “The project will require a road closure while it is underway, and detour routes will be posted and shared on the Village website and on social media.”
There currently is no start date determined for the project. Any questions can be directed for Madis at 248-627-4876.

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