Mixing it up for 54 years

By David Fleet
Lewie Main has mixed his last batch of concrete.
Main, 74, was honored last week for many years as a driver at Ken’s Redi Mix, 8016 S. State Road, Goodrich. Kens Redi Mix
“I tried working for Pontiac Motors,” said Main, a 1961 Goodrich High School graduate. “I lasted about 90 days then the weather got nice outside and I wanted to be out there.”
So, he took a job at Ken’s in 1964 and stayed for 54 years.
“It’s a good place to work and I got along with everyone there,” he said. “The bosses were very good to work for over the years.”
When Main started cement mixers operated with two engines—one to turn the concrete and one to power the truck.
“They were rear delivery,” he said. “Over the years it changed for the better. Now the mixers are four wheel drive and just one engine.”
His career was not without mishaps.
“Once I got in two accidents in the same day,” laughed Main. “One was my fault and the other was not—both involved 1959 Chevys. There were no injuries and everyone had a good laugh at me.”
Getting stuck was also a concern.
“It took another mixer or a bulldozer to pull you out,” he said. “It’s never a good thing.”
Main worked 32 years hauling concrete and 32 years driving a gravel train, the aggregate used to make concrete.
“My brother Dick Main is 77 years old and also works for Ken’s,” he said. “I’m not sure when he’s going to retire.”
Lewie has no plans for the future.
“Honestly, I’m tired of getting up for work at 4:30 a.m.,” he said. “The cold was getting to me also, it’s just time to hang it up.”

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