My un-resolutions for 2023

By now, we’re a week into the New Year, and everyone is hard at work on their resolutions.
Not I.
Well, I had two resolutions, but I try to not make the resolutions about myself, but about a project I’d like done. The two I have are to publish my third book (which was a project well underway already before the new year), and to renovate our laundry room, which is not so much a room but a box with studs and insulation and a cement floor.
That project will wait until late April when my husband, a corporate tax accountant, is on a much needed vacation and I don’t have to disrupt him with construction.
But one of my favorite authors and columnists, Lisa Scottoline, wrote a column many years ago about un-resolutions, or things that she likes doing that she wants to keep doing. It takes the negative out of the new year. Instead of wanting to change something about yourself, find something that you do that you enjoy about yourself.
For example, I want to keep writing every day, which is easy because of my job. But also, I enjoy it. I also want to keep reading books, letting my dogs cuddle on the bed or couch, sending physical birthday cards to friends and family, and organizing my house.
That last thing is not a chore, I actually really enjoy organizing. As I write this, there are alphabetized piles of books in my basement as I am in the middle of a re-organization since I got a new bookshelf for Christmas.
Resolutions can be discouraging, especially when we don’t achieve them. I used to have resolutions to lose weight or exercise more, but that made it feel like a chore or a one-time goal. If I want to change my lifestyle, why wait until the new year?
I think un-resolutions make the start of the year more positive, and make me look forward to what 2023 has in store.
And more motivation to hang drywall and paint.

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