New village clerk

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville- On Monday night the village council voted 5-2 to approve the hire of Jenna Palmer as the new part-time village clerk. Council members Pat George and Coleen Skornicka voted against the hire.
“The village received 14 applications for our part-time clerk position, six of those applicants were interviewed, and of the six it is my judgment that Jenna Palmer be offered this position,” said Dale Stuart, village manager. “Mrs. Palmer has worked for the Oakland County Water Resources Department and the 52-2 District Court.”
The hire is contingent upon a clear health and drug screening, as well as a clear background check.
“I was very pleased with her interview,” said Stuart. “I think she shows the kind of attitude and the kind of skills that will allow her to step into a very difficult position and do well for us.”
Palmer will also be starting as a full time employee through the end of the year to accommodate for training and getting acclimated to the position.
“I’ve worked with government jobs before and I really like them,” said Palmer. “I’m really organized, I like to stay busy, and it sounds like there’s a lot to do so I’m excited about that.”

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