Nivelt reappointed to village planning commission

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville- On Monday night the village council voted 4-2 to reappoint Melanie Nivelt to the planning commission. Council members Mark Butzu and Mark Robinson were the only two who opposed the reappointment.
“I’ve worked with Melanie for quite a while. She’s very dedicated, she goes above and beyond, and it’s been a pleasure working with her,” said council member Larry Hayden. “She’s very passionate about this community, and I know sometimes I’ve heard some criticism that sometimes it can be a little bit heated during discussions but that’s simply because of the fact that she is passionate and we do want someone who is passionate in that position.”
Nivelt had been up for reappointment in July, and a motion was made to reappoint her by then president Wayne Wills, but it was not supported by the three other present council members and therefore the motion failed. Absent was then council member, now president Tonja Brice, former council member Karen Sleva, and council member Dan Eschmann.
“I’ve had seven years on that and three years on council,” said Nivelt. “That speaks for itself.”
Coleen Skornicka was also considered as a candidate, however, currently there are two board members on the planning commission, Hayden and president Tonja Brice, and three council members on the planning commission would be illegal. Skornicka was appointed to the council to fill the seat vacated by Karen Sleva.

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