No signs of slowing down

Goodrich-Like other athletes’Betty Dunlap will lace a pair of New Balance running shoes, don shorts and a tank top, than join more than 7,000 runners in Flint’s annual Bobby Crim 10 mile race on Aug. 26.
And like other distance runners, Dunlap prepares for the race by logging hundreds of miles, keeping tabs on diet and participating in other races during the year.
While most of the runners will finish far ahead of Dunlap’she’s way ahead in one category–age.
The Goodrich runner is 75 years old.
‘I hear people say sometimes as I run by, ‘hey what’s that old lady doing out there,? laughs Dunlap.
‘I ran to fill time in the day after my husband died. I found out I really like it so I continued. Then many of my friends were racing on the weekends so I started going along with them.?
A veteran of four Crim 10 mile races, The Detroit Free Press Half Marathon and a host of shorter races, Dunlap is a well seasoned veteran runner.
‘I’ve got a stack of T-shirts and quit keeping the medals or ribbons I would win,? she said.
A Detroit native, Dunlap says that prior to stepping up her daily running routine a few years ago she’s stayed physically fit since childhood.
‘I’ve always exercised, I weigh the same as I did in high school and that was in 1949. I eat what I want to, when I want to.?
A long time runner Mark Bauman, owner of Bauman’s Running & Walking Shop, 1453 West Hill Road and a organizer of several area races is a friend of Dunlap.
‘She’s out there all the time,? he said. Betty is a great help with other races and has a great attitude about everything she’s ready to go. If older people are interested in running it’s not too late. Just start out easy and include walking then step up to running. Just don’t over do it.?
Dunlap, who runs each day on trails she mows through her Goodrich farm has no plans of slowing down.
‘I’m going to run until I can’t,? she said. ‘Running keeps me motivated and I feel great all day.?