Oakland County Fair opening decision excepted this week

By David Fleet
It took World War II to cancel the Oakland County Fair in 1940. Then a pandemic halted the mid summer tradition in 2020.
Now on the cusp of the 50th year the Oakland County Fair is almost set to roll July 9-18
Groveland Township resident and Oakland County Fair General Manager LC Scramlin said with the easing of COVID restrictions statewide a final ruling on the 2021 fair should be soon.
“The Oakland County Parks and Health Department will have the final say soon,” said Scramlin.
“The safety and health of the entire community, volunteers, guests, exhibitors, vendors, employees and board members continues to be our top priority. But, if progress continues we are expecting a full list of activities come July.”
A total of about 600 exhibitors along with two auctions, one for large animals and one for small is set for fair.
The deadline to enter has been extended to June 11.
“Currently about 300 exhibitors have entered the fair,” he said. “We are going to remain open for those who are still planning on the competition and may have waited to see what restrictions may be in place.
Scramlin emphasized, it’s vital financially for many participates to sell their animals.
“For many the funds earned goes toward college needs and expenses,” he said. “Each year more than 50,000 participate in the fair statewide. It’s vital for the youth to focus on the positive aspects the fairs provide.’
The Oakland County Fair, 2451 Andersonville Road, Davisburg.

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