Ortonville TV contract OK’d by township, village

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.- The cable coordinator contract has been revised and renewed with Greg Normand for operation of Ortonville TV. The township board OK’s the contract on Jan. 8. The Ortonville Village Council approved the contract on Jan. 22.
In 2015 the board of trustees OK’d a 2-year contract and raise for the cable consultant, Normand, who oversees the Ortonville Community Broadcast Station (OTV). The consultant will earn $31,212 each year of the contract.

An agreement with Studio Tyson for IT services replacing Telsystems was also approved. Telsystems expressed interest in getting into larger cable stations, Paul Tyson, who had serviced OTV through Telsystems, has started his own company. He would provide 24/7 services should OTV need IT services.
“Paul’s been with us for a long time,” said Normand. “So this is nothing more than a retainer for his services for the year, and it’s about a thousand dollars less than we paid last year.”
Telsystems charges about $4,500 for the service. Tyson would provide consulting information and has been working with Ortonville TV for 15 years. He also installed the equipment. After the unanimous vote, Normad expressed his thanks.
“I thank you and Paul thanks you,” said Normand.