Ortonville village park issues heat up

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville-Some residents in the village are hoping to have their voices heard about a trail through the Ortonville Village Park.
“People were in favor of it and said it was about time,” said councilman Pat George. “They want that trail.”
George was out last weekend at the 30th annual Septemberfest talking to residents about the Ortonville Village Park, a 47 acre recreational area in the village that has come under scrutiny for the past year due to there being motorcycles, bicycles, camp fires and more in the natural area.

The council is looking to draft an ordinance to make the property not to be used for off-read vehicles, motor bikes, or developed bike or footpath trails, hunting, of any other activity other than to preserve, support and protect the habitat and the wildlife of the property according to the motion made.
“I’d love to put it out to a vote,” said George. “If we put that to a vote to the people in this village, it would easily be a 2-1 (in favor).”
At 7 p.m., Oct. 17, George will also be joining council president Tonja Brice at her monthly Town Hall Talks at the Old Town Hall. George provided a petition in favor of a walking trail through the park, signed by 18 people, mostly village residents during Septemberfest.
“This is our park, there’s no M-15, there’s no Sashabaw, this is tucked inside the village,” said George. “This really is a gem.”
Brice also sees the value in the park in the village, and has been hearing a lot from residents about it.
“I think personally there is not enough information out there about either side,” she said. “People are asking questions, everything is a question. So I’m excited in looking at people’s responses because it’s giving a chance for people to find out information and have conversations with each other.”
Residents are encouraged to bring their questions and discussions and questions to the Town Hall Talks and to the village council meetings.
“I think the majority of people want a trail, but not overly developed,” said Brice. “The concern is limiting development on both sides.”
At 7 p.m., Oct. 28, at the Brandon Township offices, 395 Mill St., concerned residents can also voice their opinions at the village council meeting.