Plans for safe Michigan Renaissance Festival

By David Fleet
Groveland Twp.-Another Michigan Renaissance Festival hopes to open Aug. 22 and extend for seven weekends though Oct. 4, attracting an estimated 250,000 visitors over the course of the event who can expect plenty of turkey legs, grog and jousting in the village of Hollyshire.
“We continue to plan for the 2020 Renaissance Festival and are hard at work researching and implementing measures to provide a safe and healthy environment for our participants and families that enjoy this great tradition,” said Kim Heidger, Renaissance festival marketing manager.
The 2020 Renaissance Festival 12600 Dixie Highway, Holly will operate in a manner consistent with health authorities and official governmental guidelines, officials say.
“Our final plan will be fine-tuned and developed in the weeks ahead as we obtain new and updated guidelines and are able to track and learn from measures taken by other venues currently operational throughout the world,” she said. “Our final plan will scrutinize and review all aspects of our operations. We are committed to providing a Festival that will make us and you proud.”
Heidger along with other Renaissance Festival officials referred to the Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide who wrote:

“There is no guarantee of an illness-free event…It is indisputable, however, that planning, training, and implementing reasonable health and safety measures are the best ways to protect live events and the people who create them, while also inspiring patrons to return to the places where we make magic happen.”
This is the mission and goal of the festival, added Heidger.
“As we develop our plan we will seek input from experts, including appropriate governmental officials and staff,” she said. Once we formulate our final plan we will communicate the details extensively on all platforms available to us.”

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