Public Notice: Atlas Township

The Atlas Township Board, at its special meeting held on February 18, 2021 did adopt Ordinance Number 21-01, an Ordinance adding a new Section 300.341 to Article III of the Atlas Township Zoning Ordinance to define and regulate Medical Marihuana Primary Caregiver Operation. The following is a summary of said ordinance:
Subsection A outlines the intent of the Ordinance, to give effect to the intent of the Michigan Marihuana Act, PA 2008 Initiated Law, to recognize the fundamental intent of the Act to allow the creation and maintenance of a private and confidential patient-caregiver relationship to facilitate the statutory authorization for the limited cultivation, storage, distribution and use of marihuana for medical purposes, and to regulate this fundamental intent in a manner that does not conflict with the Act so as to address issues that would otherwise expose the Township and its residents to significant adverse conditions.
Subsection B defines key terms related to medical marihuana primary caregiver operations.
Subsection C references the need to secure a permit under Atlas Township Ordinance No. 20.01.
Subsection D establishes an allowance for medical marihuana primary caregiver operations in the M-1 and M-2 Zoning Districts only and further outlines requirements for such operations.
Subsection E outlines exceptions.
Subsection F establishes enforcement and penalty procedures.
This ordinance shall become effective 7 days after publication. A complete copy of this ordinance is on file at the Atlas Township Government Center, 7386 S. Gale Road, Goodrich, Michigan.
Katherine Vick, Clerk
Publish in The Citizen 2-27-21

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