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The bold text shall be inserted.

Section 300.201

Section 2.30. Lot. For purposes of this Ordinance, a lot is a parcel of land, maintaining a generally symmetrical and proportional size and shape from its front to its rear where possible, as determined by the Land Division Board, building official, and/or Planning Commission, of at least sufficient size to meet minimum zoning requirements for use, coverage, and area, and to provide such yards and other open spaces as herein required. Such lot shall have frontage on an approved public street, or on an approved private street, and may consist of:

A. A single lot of record;

B. A portion of a lot of record;

C. A combination of contiguous lots of record.

D. A parcel of land described by metes and bounds.

These amendments take effect seven days after date of publication.

Publish in The Citizen 05-20-17


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