Public Notice: Atlas Township

Please be advised, the Atlas Township Board of Review will convene at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Special meeting of the December Board of Review may be convened by assessing officer to correct mutual mistake of fact or clerical error. (211.53b). An owner of a property that is a “homestead” or is “qualified agricultural” property may appeal to the December Board of Review for the current year and the immediately preceding year if the exemption was not on the tax roll. (211.7cc) (13) and (211.7ee) (6). PA 74 of 1995 authorized the December Board of Review to hear appeals for poverty exemptions for current year only (211.7u). Also, can hear P.A. 161 of 2014 Disabled Veterans Exemption MCL 211.7b. This meeting will be held at the Atlas Township Hall, 7386 South Gale Road, Goodrich, MI 48438. Please direct any questions to the assessor’s office at (810) 636-2548 ext. 307.
Posted by:
Katherine Vick, Clerk
Atlas Township
Publish in The Citizen 12-09-17

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