Public Notice: Brandon Township

Brandon Township Noxious Weed Ordinance, #43, Sec. 18-19 through 18-27, requires property owners to destroy noxious weeds before they reach seed-bearing stage, to prevent such weeds from perpetuating themselves and to prevent such weeds from becoming a detriment to the public health, and further to maintain all varieties of grass and weeds to not exceed the height of 12 inches by June 1st, 2018, and thereafter. Failure of property owners to comply with said duties will result in Brandon Township to enter upon owner’s land and cut or cause said noxious weeds to be destroyed. All expenses incurred in cutting or destroying said weeds shall be paid by the owner and the Township shall have a lien against the land for such expense until collected. Further, any owner who refuses to comply with said ordinance will be subject to a fine as provided for as a municipal civil infraction.
Publish in The Citizen 5-26-18

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