Public Notice: Groveland Township

Groveland Twp. Board 2-10-2020
Call to Order & Roll Call
Approved Agenda
Approved: Consent Agenda
Budget Amendment
Accts Payable
Financial Reports
Board Minutes Twp. /Fire/ 1/13/2020
     Special Meeting Minutes 2/5/2020
Approved Resignation for Building/Planning/Zoning Deputy Clerk
Approved Appointment of Deputy Clerk
Approved 2020 RCOC Gravel Haul Program
Approved 2020 Tri-Party Program
Approved 2020 N Oakland Business Card Directory
Approved Oakland County Bicentennial Oak Tree Donation
Discussed BGYA Annual Breakfast
Approved BGYA Executive Board
Approved CISMA Operating Cost Contribution
Approved ORV Ordinance
Approved Annual Fire Millage
Approved Salary
Kerri Allen
Recording Secretary

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