Public Notice: Groveland Township

Groveland Twp. Board 9/13/2021
Call To Order & Roll Call
Approved Agenda
Approved:  Budget Amendments
Accts Payable
Financial Reports
Minutes Twp & Fire 08/09/21
Approved 2020-2021 Audit
Approved Levy Amended Consent Judgment
Approved Zoning Revision Proposal and Fees
Approved Resolution to Adopt Master Plan
Approved Increased Attorney Fees
Approved Listing of Fire #1
Denied DNR Deer Management
Approved September Suicide Awareness Month
Approved September National Recovery Month
Approved Hart Maintenance Fees
Approved Willcock Step Increase
Approved Clerk and Treasurer MTA Conferences
Approved Sponsoring Signature Pages in Citizen
Discussed Current Events
Jenell Keller
Recording Secretary
Publish in The Citizen 9-18-21

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