Public Notice: Ortonville

On February 26, 2018 at a Regular Village Council Meeting, the Ortonville Village Council adopted an amendment to the Code of Ordinances, Title IX General Regulations; Chapter 90 Nuisance; Animal Regulations.
Animal Control
§ 90.60 Running At Large
No person being the owner of, in possession of, or having control of any livestock, domesticated animal, household pet, or poultry shall permit such to run at large upon any alley, street, park or other public place in the Village of Ortonville, or upon the land or property of any other person.
This ordinance will take effect 30 days after publication.
Penalty for infraction can be found on the Village’s website in the Code of Ordinances, Chapter IX, under § 90.99 (D).
Posted by Village of Ortonville Clerk, K. Liz Edwards
476 Mill Street | Ortonville, MI 48462 | 248-627-4976 |
Publish in The Citizen 3-10-18

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