Remembering Roger Goodman

By David Fleet
Brandon Twp.- For more than 28 years Roger Goodman was perhaps the most recognizable Brandon School District employee.
For almost three decades teachers, principals, bus drivers, secretaries, students and parents came to know Goodman the executive director of operations, aquatics, and food service kept things running smoothly in the district.
Goodman retired from the district in 2010 and moved from the area.
Goodman died Jan. 1, 2020. He was 73.
During an interview with The Citizen at the time of his retirement, his wife Donna, asked him how he would sum up his career, to which he responded, “It couldn’t have been better than it was here in the school district in this community.”
In the 1970s, Goodman was a pipe salesman who traveled a lot. When the job listing for the Brandon operations director was posted, he applied for the job, which includes taking care of all buildings in the district including plumbing and electrical issues, mechanical equipment, repairing the grounds for athletic activities, snowplowing, and de-icing of parking lots and driveways.
Goodman supervised repairs, directed employees, and took care of project bids. He purchased supplies and equipment and had taken direction from five superintendents.
“It’s part of the job that I never hesitated to take care of,” recalled Goodman. “It’s my responsibility.”
Goodman was recognized by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for his efforts after he assisted Brandon deputies in 2004 in capturing a man who was wanted for serious crimes, including allegedly breaking into homes, entering Brandon Middle School, Brandon High School and the elementary schools, threatening children and attempting to sell drugs.
On several occasions, Goodman chased the subject from Harvey-Swanson Elementary and pursued him in the woods. He was present the day the man was finally captured.

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